Meet Morty

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Welcome Morty! The day Morty was rescued from the deplorable conditions of a puppy mill, this little Shih Tzu mix found himself nestled safely in the arms of one of our exceptional kennel managers who noticed immediately that this adorable dog was struggling to breathe.

An x-ray later confirmed that Morty had pneumonia and was started on a course of medications to fight the infection while continuously monitored by our veterinarians. A CT scan soon revealed that little Morty has a rare disorder in which air becomes trapped inside one of his lung lobes. Due to his condition, Morty will always be susceptible to upper respiratory infections and pneumonia which will require hospitalization and oxygen therapy. But luckily Morty can breathe easy now that he has YOU, our Pet Sponsors, to make sure he has all the medical attention he needs to live a happy life.

Morty is a lovable dog with lots of energy. Thanks to your support, Animal League will be able to care for him in our Sponsor Program for the rest of his life.

Morty, the little Shih Tzu mix puppy mill survivor, is thriving. Follow-up x-rays showed that his lungs are good…and life is good, too. According to his mom, Katlyn, Morty continues to be devoted to his human grandpa. He spends his days rough housing with his canine brother and taking care of his doggie sister. Katlyn said that she and Morty’s human dad recently got engaged. Morty was very excited to be part of the engagement pictures and is eager to take part in the “big day.” “We absolutely love him,” said Katlyn, who thanks Morty’s Sponsors for their generous support.

March 2018

Morty has fit right in with his new family since being adopted! His pneumonia is gone and he is one little ball of energy according to his mom, Katlyn. He’s loves playing with all of his toys and his canine siblings — even if he’s the smallest. He is always looking for a new face to kiss. Morty is receiving so much love and affection, as well as the medical care he needs to remain a happy, healthy young dog. A big thank you to all of his sponsor parents for ensuring that he thrives in his new home!