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Help Me Heal Program

Not every rescued animal that arrives at the Animal League is in a suitable condition to be adopted. Some pets come to us with urgent medical needs ranging from broken bones, skin burns or infections necessitating critical care, to other orthopedic or medical issues requiring surgical intervention. Some animals also come to us with deep emotional scars due to neglect and mistreatment. Tragically, some animals are barely alive due to the abuse they have suffered.

Every day, the Animal League rescues animals from places where they would otherwise be destroyed, and our no-kill philosophy means that we give each animal the care they need – the care and the second chance that they deserve.

Imagine what it must feel like for a rescued animal to feel cared for and safe for the first time.

Please make a donation today to our Help Me Heal Program, and help us nurture so many animals back to health.

Meet the pets in the program:


Little Benny β€” Looking to You for Luck

He is six weeks old, an age when luckier kittens are in the midst of being weaned. But little Benny is not lucky. Instead, he is traumatized, having endured painful burns to his ears, face, paws, and abdomen. Doctors say it’s impossible to determine how the burns occurred β€” whether by accident or from abuse β€” though it appears they happened some time ago and are the result of fire, not chemicals.
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Meet some of the cats you helped heal!