Pet Legal Q&A

///Pet Legal Q&A

Elinor D. Molbegott, is an attorney who maintains a law practice devoted to animal law. Elinor donates her time to answer questions from North Shore Animal League America supporters who would like to learn more about animal law.

Cited for too many animals but my sister won’t get rid of them.

I live with my sister and her husband, the house is mine and my mom's. We got cited by the city for having too many animals. They told us we had to get rid of the ones over the 2 animal/pet limit or we will get fined. Since I am one of the owners of the house, I will end up getting the ticket in my name. I can't evict them because my mom won't go along with it, even tho we are technically breaking the law because of them. The dogs they have have destroyed a lot of pieces of our personal belongings, but they refuse to compensate us. We've asked them to get rid of the extra animals months ago. How can I legally remove the extra animals myself? (Since they refuse to)

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She’s my dog but the law is trying to remove her.

Recently, someone in my house hold was arrested for animal cruelty. They went in for their animal cruelty assessment and they were told that I would have to re-home my dog, even though she isn't his dog. She is completely mine and her adoption is under my name. Can the law force me to give my dog away because someone in my household was arrested for animal cruelty?

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Last night, I heard a noise out in the ten below weather. I got outside, and this poor orange tabby sweetheart comes running up to me!! He’s shivering, and so I run inside and get him warmed up. Now he’s well fed, and warm on a comfy bed! He’s a total sweetheart, but I’m worried because, this poor baby is well fed; and looks somewhat healthy? But where are his parents? I’m so worried this is a case of neglect, and I wanna help this sweet angel...

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How can we legally acquire this dog we found?

We found this dog and he was in horrible condition. Fleas covered is body. After giving the dog a thorough bath, the whole tub was covered in blood from how bad the infestation was. We fell in love with him. A week later, the owner finally contacted us. We had to give him back because legally that's how it works.

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How can I get back a stray cat I brought to a shelter?

How can I get back the stray cat? I have dropped the cat at a Queens animal shelter so they will check her up and treat her if she needs the treatment and they told me that you have to follow up with the other animal center in Brooklyn. And I did tell them that I would love to adopt that cat!

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Can we “rescue” our roommates cat?

My fiance & I rented an apartment with my fiance's friend of over 20 years and the friends boyfriend. We moved in 1 month later than planned (still payed rent for the month we missed) and when we got there the roommate had obtained a cat saying that its just "HER" cat. But almost immediately, like 1 month later they started starving and completely ignoring the cat. They haven't fed her for at least 2 months as I write this, my fiance and I have kept this cat alive.

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Is it illegal to spay a pregnant dog?

I went in to our animal protective league yesterday and I saw the cutest little Chihuahua. It wasn’t available because it wasn’t spayed yet until after the new year. The dog appeared to be pregnant and the worker confirmed she was. I told the worker you can’t spay this dog when it is pregnant, and she said yes we do. Does this not fall under Trumps new cruelty to animals law?

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Is this an illegal adoption?

I got evicted from my apartment on 10-09-2019 and was told by the officers of the court that by law the owner of the property would have to be responsible for my property for 15 days- I was in contact with the animal control the whole time. Long story short I had 15 days from 10/9 and they picked up my dogs 10/16 and she got adopted 11/2. Is this an illegal adoption?

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Is it legal for someone to give away my pet without permission?

I have been staying with my boyfriend’s parents at their house. I brought my kitten and they told me they wanted me to find a different home for it as they had too many animals already. The next day I come to find out my boyfriend’s mother had given my kitten away to one of her friends. I love my kitten and I want her back what can I do?

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