Pet Legal Q&A

///Pet Legal Q&A

Elinor D. Molbegott, is an attorney who maintains a law practice devoted to animal law. Elinor donates her time to answer questions from North Shore Animal League America supporters who would like to learn more about animal law.

My dog was killed by neighbor dog.

My neighbors 2 dogs entered my house through our dog door while I was not home. They killed 1 of my dogs and were attacking my others when I walked in. What should/can I do? I did call the police, as far as I know my neighbor was not cited. We had an incident months ago where his dog attacked mine, fortunately we were home and got to our dog quickly. He was not seriously injured. I did not report this incident to authorities but I did tell my neighbor.

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Neighbor won’t fix his fence that is falling apart, whilst his dog tries to hurt mine.

My neighbor will not fix his fence that is falling apart and we share that fence between our yards. There is multiple panels being held up on my side by cinder blocks and stuff. There are several spots where a large or small dog could easily get through if they really tried. My dog has even wandered into the neighbors yard through one of these holes. Which is very dangerous for him considering he is much smaller than my neighbors dog. And every time my neighbors dog is outside he stalks along the fence as if ready to attack my dog. Is there anything I can do? Can I make him fix his fence? It's quite unfair I have to fear for my dogs life and go outside with him every time he needs to use the bathroom.

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Neutered French Bulldog

Hello. I recently purchased a French bulldog. When getting the dog I was told he was not fixed. I didn’t think to check because I took their word. The next day while at the vet they noticed he was in fact fixed. Do I have any legal grounds and if so what can I do?

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Can I take the dog?

If I call animal control on this guy who has mom and puppies, can I ask to take them once they're with animal control?

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How can I get dogs back from unfit home?

I had 2 dogs to rehome due to my husband passing away. I gave them to a friend of a friend. I tried to take them to him, but he said it would be better for them if I didn't. So he took them and I went 2 days later to see them. The yard and house are falling apart, and there's nowhere for them in the yard but a small path and it's really nasty, and the house is falling apart. That's why he didn't want me to take them to him. So I asked him for them back, oh and there's also drugs there, and he said I wasn't getting them back. What can I do?

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Can friend take the dog back?

I got a free dog from a friend because she was homeless. Now she thinks that she might potentially have a home and is considering taking the dog back. I want to know if after 7 days, regardless of if she has done documentation on the dog originally being hers, can she take it back?

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