Pet Legal Q&A

///Pet Legal Q&A

Elinor D. Molbegott, is an attorney who maintains a law practice devoted to animal law. Elinor donates her time to answer questions from North Shore Animal League America supporters who would like to learn more about animal law.

Can we “rescue” our roommates cat?

My fiance & I rented an apartment with my fiance's friend of over 20 years and the friends boyfriend. We moved in 1 month later than planned (still payed rent for the month we missed) and when we got there the roommate had obtained a cat saying that its just "HER" cat. But almost immediately, like 1 month later they started starving and completely ignoring the cat. They haven't fed her for at least 2 months as I write this, my fiance and I have kept this cat alive.

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Is it illegal to spay a pregnant dog?

I went in to our animal protective league yesterday and I saw the cutest little Chihuahua. It wasn’t available because it wasn’t spayed yet until after the new year. The dog appeared to be pregnant and the worker confirmed she was. I told the worker you can’t spay this dog when it is pregnant, and she said yes we do. Does this not fall under Trumps new cruelty to animals law?

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Is this an illegal adoption?

I got evicted from my apartment on 10-09-2019 and was told by the officers of the court that by law the owner of the property would have to be responsible for my property for 15 days- I was in contact with the animal control the whole time. Long story short I had 15 days from 10/9 and they picked up my dogs 10/16 and she got adopted 11/2. Is this an illegal adoption?

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Is it legal for someone to give away my pet without permission?

I have been staying with my boyfriend’s parents at their house. I brought my kitten and they told me they wanted me to find a different home for it as they had too many animals already. The next day I come to find out my boyfriend’s mother had given my kitten away to one of her friends. I love my kitten and I want her back what can I do?

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How can I get my dog back ASAP?

The police did a welfare check on me and then I went to the hospital for about 2 hours. When I got home my dog was gone. I originally thought my friend came by for me to watch her until I was out. I called to tell my friend I was home and she could drop my dog off, but turns out she didn't have her. I immediately called Animal Control to find out of they have her. They did and that's when I was informed they were called there by the police to get my dog.

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Was my cat killed?

I signed a surrender contract under great emotional distress, not of sound mind or body and duress, not knowing what I was signing and being pressured to do so by the shelter cat care coordinator. I trusted this shelter was no kill, but as soon as I found out they are a high kill shelter I went back and asked to have my cat back because I feared for his safety.

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Whose dog is she?

So my ex and I got a dog together and since I have mental illness we got an ESA letter from my psychiatrist. But my ex took her and registered her under her name at city hall. Can I get her back anyway?

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