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Important Cat Training Tips to Know

When bringing a new cat into your home, it is important to make sure your cat adjusts well and follows along with your house rules. If you need help effectively training your cat, follow along with these helpful tips provided by our experts at North Shore Animal League America.

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Basic Dog Training Tips

Is your dog making accidents all over the house? Or does your dog need to learn how to behave around other dogs, or even around other people? If you need help training your dog to be well-behaved, read the tips below, all of which are provided by experts at North Shore Animal League America. But keep in mind, training your dog or puppy will take plenty of time and patience!

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An adopter returned a dog to our rescue.

A family adopted a dog as a puppy from our organization. Three years later, the dog and the other dog in their house are having issues and fighting regularly. The adopter contacted the rescue to take the dog back or they will have to euthanize. We (the rescue) of course took him back. He was dropped off at our vet by the adopter. Then over a week later, the family decided they wanted the dog back. Due to safety and fear of another altercation, the rescue has refused to return dog. Does the adopter have rights to him still?

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I had three dogs taken from me while I was not home.

What can I do when a humane society knows that I am the legal owner of three dogs, but did not hold them for a reasonable time or try to contact me that the dogs are in their care. They told me they didn't know who the owner was, and they clearly did know because I have been there before, and also gave them shots which they had record of. The records show who the owner is and how to get in touch with me.

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Foster is refusing to meet us for adoption finalization.

I’m from Massachusetts, and after our close friends had two very successful transactions with a great adoption foundation in Vermont, we decided it was finally time for us to adopt. We cleared all the processing and were informed that we were approved to adopt. Now the foster is refusing to give the dog up after only fostering for under 48 hours. This is first time the foundation has had anything like this happen in 20 years. Please share your thoughts and thank you so much in advance!

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I surrendered my dog. Can I find the new owners?

My old dog was surrendered 8 months ago. Can someone tell me how to locate her? She was adopted at 5 years old. I don't want her back, but I want to tell her thank you and say goodbye. How do I find her new owners?

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I rehomed my dog and he is being returned.

I met a lovely couple who I rehomed my dog with. They met him before hand and loved him and their other dog loved him too. They took him home. Now it's been a week and they want to bring him back because their female dog randomly does not like him anymore. My guess is they really wanted to breed them, but I didn't take them as that type of people. But my question is, do I have to return the rehoming fee I charged them? I used the money to pay his past vet bill so they didn't have any problem taking him back to his original vet. So am I responsible for returning the fee or do they give that up by returning him?

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I want the lost dog I found back.

I recently found an abandoned dog and my partner called the Humane Society the following day (the pickup is under his name). We informed we were considering adopting the dog but had to go over a few things first. The lady that picked him up informed they would give the owners 3 days to claim him and if not, we could fill the adoption papers. To my surprise, I found his profile online and see that he has been pre-adopted within less than 24 hours. Is there any loophole, or any possible way I could claim him as mine, since he was technically living under my roof for a day or two? Is there any way I could get him back? I am desperate.

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The dog I adopted has not been spayed.

I adopted my lovely dog Frankie from Abrar, a non-profit organization in the UK. The contract I signed stated that as she was over 6 months they would get her spayed, but they have refused to do so. I can't afford to pay for it so what can I do?

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What to do if someone tries to give your pet away.

My friend is in a highly volatile situation with her roommate, and she is currently trying to get out of it. She managed to move most of her stuff out of the apartment, but for the time being she has to leave her cat. Her roommate who has been threatening and intimidating her consistently has threatened to give her cat away for adoption without her consent. My friend is currently trying to figure out how to get her out, but for the time being she can't. Worst case scenario, if her roommate ends up doing just that before she can figure something out, is there anything my friend can do about it?

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