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Can I legally require a signed agreement for spay/neuter?

I am not a breeder, but I have a litter of puppies from an accidental mating for which I need to find homes. I want to prevent future accidents and do not want them to reproduce. I am considering requiring new owners to sign a notarized agreement stating the animal would be spayed or neutered when age-appropriate.

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Legal ownership.

I bought my dog and registered him under my name with the city, but my girlfriend put her information on the microchip. Since I registered him, does that legally make him mine?

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Two days ago, I rehomed my dog with the understanding that I could get her back if things didn't work out. Within 24 hours, I decided to get my dog back. I texted the lady to get her address, and she said she would text me today with her address so I could pick up my dog. Last night, she texted back and said her boys want to keep the dog. We did not have a contract, no bill of sale, or any money exchanges. The dog is microchipped to me. Can I legally get my dog back?

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Rehoming Dog.

I have gotten my dog her rabies shot, and that is all that has been done in the 2 months that I have had her. Unfortunately, I have decided to rehome her due to my child's medical condition. Can I just create a simple contract for the new owners I am giving her to, so we can both sign it? This way, in case, God forbid, something happens with the dog, it does not come back to me, especially since her rabies tag is under my name. What should I do?

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Was supposed to receive a puppy.

I was talking with somebody who had puppies available. I even went to go see the puppy. I was guaranteed I would have the puppy on Friday which would be tomorrow. I just received a text today that the puppy was sent to a different home. What are my options? My family was very excited about this. New addition I don’t know why I would be promised a puppy, and then they would rehome her the day before I’m supposed to pick her up. My children are going to be devastated. I am devastated given I had bought so many things for the new puppy that I was guaranteed to be picking up tomorrow… I am so upset. Do I have any options? Can I bring them to court? They have now blocked me off of Facebook and my phone number but I have screenshots of everything. Please let me know. Thank you.

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Kitten taken against wishes.

My roommate found my cats kitten and gave her to a nonprofit. I want the kitten back and now they’re telling me that she has to go through their adoption process for me to take her back. They also want to vaccinate the kitten and that is not what I want. Please help me. I want her to be cared for (dewormed and spayed) but not vaccinated and they aren’t giving me the option or allowing me to have her back.

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What lawful or legal action can be taken to have kitten returned?

An interested adoptive family, having 2 dogs and 1 cat, and I agreed through email correspondence that a 1-week trial period would take place to see if their home would be a good fit for the kitten and the family. During this trial, one of their dogs was introduced to the kitten, and I was told it thought the kitten was a snack. As a result, the kitten was and will be kept in the 10-year-old son's bedroom until the cat is larger, and their dog doesn't view it as prey. After learning about this situation, I decided that I did not want the kitten to remain in a room until their dog's behavior changed. This was not what I wanted for the kitten, so I made the decision to pick up the kitten due to the home not meeting my wishes for the kitten's safety.

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Taking ownership of a dog.

I was gifted a dog because the owner moved and couldn't have a pet where she was staying. Four months later, she found a location where she could take the dog and wanted it back. When I said that was not happening, she called the police and lied, saying I stole her dog. She claimed that I was fostering the dog temporarily and now refused to return it...

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My dog I took to an animal shelter but desperately need back.

I got a dog we picked up on the side of the street. My daughter and I fell in love with it, but my husband said it had to go. So we drove it to the Huntsville humane, but my daughter hasn't stopped crying since, and to be truthful, I've had a hard time too. I need to get the dog back, but I don't see him on the website yet. It's been almost 1.5 days, and I'm getting worried. Will they even let me get him back after my husband told them his name and info? How can I get him back?

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Adopting the dog I want.

I submitted an application for a puppy, but they informed me that the individual fostering the puppy believed it required extensive training and care, stating I lacked experience with dogs, which I believe is a lie and discriminatory. They offered me another dog that they claimed was already trained or any other puppy instead, saying they had the right to do so. I'm confused because they never even talked to me or met me in person. I would like to know if this is the right practice, as I feel they simply don't want me to have the puppy.

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