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What legal rights do I have as a foster parent?

I am currently fostering a young dog, that myself and children have grown attached to. We would like to move forward to adopt him, however the rescue wants the pup to go to a single male, living in a 600 square foot apartment. I live in a house on a half acre fenced in yard. This is a large breed that requires a lot exercise. The dog is afraid of men- even states it in his profile on the rescues website. The rescue is pushing for this man to take him, after I voiced my concerns that he is not a good fit for the dog. What legal rights do I have?

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I want to take back kittens after giving them away.

I gave away kittens and I have a bad feeling . The people were not dressed properly, car was dirty. Personal life on Facebook looks decent but in person does not. She hooded the cat wrong and said “this is how you grab them if they behave bad." I don’t know what to do. I want to take the kittens back. The lady also lives in apartments, where later I looked up pets are not allowed. I’m worried sick for these kittens and it’s only been a few hours.

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Can friend take the dog back?

I got a free dog from a friend because she was homeless. Now she thinks that she might potentially have a home and is considering taking the dog back. I want to know if after 7 days, regardless of if she has done documentation on the dog originally being hers, can she take it back?

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I am being sued by the adoption agency for breach of contract.

I am being sued by the adoption agency for breach of contract and they want the dog back. I purchase a dog from a rescue over a year ago we gave them the check, signed paperwork, and currently have the dog registered with LA County, and the chip registered also in our name. The adoption agency is saying that they want the dog back for breach of contract because we didn’t allow them to come for a wellness check.

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Can I adopt Shop Cat I’ve been caring for during quarantine?

I have been sheltering a cat during quarantine for a shop that didn’t have a plan to care for the cat during quarantine when no one would be visiting the shop on a regular basis. There was no clear agreement about how long I was taking him for. When I picked up the cat, he was extremely dirty. I have cared for him and bought him food for two months. I’ve spent every day and all day with him. He’s extremely well cared for. The shop owner who lives in NYC only part time now wants the cat back in the shop, but I’m scared he’s going to be traumatized. I would like to adopt him but they said no. What are my rights?

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How can I get back a stray cat I brought to a shelter?

How can I get back the stray cat? I have dropped the cat at a Queens animal shelter so they will check her up and treat her if she needs the treatment and they told me that you have to follow up with the other animal center in Brooklyn. And I did tell them that I would love to adopt that cat!

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Harassment by a vet tech because I declawed my cat

I adopted a cat in June. We've been having behavioral issues with her from day one. I inquired with the cat's foster mom about the cat being relocated to another home. After a few days, I reconsidered and wanted to continue trying to help the cat adjust. The foster cat mom is a vet tech at a local vet clinic, but not the clinic I take my animals to. She took it upon herself to contact my vet office and request my cat's medical records without my consent. She found out I declawed my cat and she flipped out. She then harassed me via text demanding the cat be returned to her.

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An adopter returned a dog to our rescue.

A family adopted a dog as a puppy from our organization. Three years later, the dog and the other dog in their house are having issues and fighting regularly. The adopter contacted the rescue to take the dog back or they will have to euthanize. We (the rescue) of course took him back. He was dropped off at our vet by the adopter. Then over a week later, the family decided they wanted the dog back. Due to safety and fear of another altercation, the rescue has refused to return dog. Does the adopter have rights to him still?

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