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How can I get my indoor/outdoor cat back from Humane Society?

My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, he was picked up by the Humane Society last night as a lost animal (when he was close to home). How can I get him back? I cannot afford the fees they are asking for. I don’t understand why I need to pay to get my animal back when he was taken from his home area being an outdoor cat 90% of the time.

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Humane Society took my dog when I was not home.

My kids were at my house alone and the Humane Society came there because someone called about my dogs being outside. They have doghouses, food and water, and weren’t out there for along time. When I called to redeem my dogs they told me because no one answered the door I wasn’t allowed to take them back home with me.

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Force Spaying??

My dog got out of our locked gate for the first time. Within 3 hours I'd located her at Animal Services and was ready to pick her up. Six hours later they called me and said I have to allow them to spay her or I cant have her back. Is this legal?? What are my rights?? I'm urgently trying to get this figured out because I only have a day or two before they then say I've surrendered her. Can you please help? I don't want her spayed ESPECIALLY without me present and not having chosen the vet to do it.

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NYC shelter forcing me to neuter my dog.

My dog wandered off from my backyard and was taken to an animal shelter. They are telling me that if I don't agree to neuter him right then and there, they will not release him to my custody because it is the law. I do not want my dog neutered now, I would neuter him in the future. I have read many articles about male dogs becoming more aggressive after being neutered and I don't want that. Can anything be done?

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I want my dog back.

My dog is at an animal shelter in Washington state because animal control told me they have to take him for now due to a incident where two people were bit by him. Now animal control is calling me asking me to surrender my dog to them. I haven't given them an answer yet. What are my options? Can I get my dog back?

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Should I have to pay Humane Society to get my dogs back?

My three dogs were let out of our fenced in yard while I was in our house. I noticed it within an hour when I went to go let them back in. My neighbors, who I think let them out in the first place, called the pound and now the pound wants to charge me $240 to get my pets back, and they've had them for a whole couple of hours. I had them penned in properly, why should I have to pay such large amount of fees to get my animals back?

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Neutering my dog

On March 23rd my dog went missing from a friends who was watching him, I didnt find out for 2 weeks that he was missing they didn't want to tell me they lied every time I asked to see him. He ended up at the animal shelter where, they are saying they have ownership of him, and they are neutering him, and I have to pay $200 and adopt him. My question is are they allowed to do that. I dont want him neutered and i cant afford $200. This is not fair my dog has been through enough he needs to just come home.

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Took my dog for 1 incident.

So long story short I have a well loved dog almost two years he is an outside dog and always has remained on his thought chain of had never broke before. Well he got off after a link broke and he was off a total of ten minutes in that time the neighbors dog was on their porch with no leash and my dog went straight to him and they got into a scuffle. Wasn't for 60 seconds. Police showed up and walked towards my dog n he had gear and a hat on enough to make any dog wonder my dog jumped at police but did not bite him . My kids are very close to our dog and this was a freak accident he's NEVER been aggressive towards people and animals. The next day I came home and animal control had my dog calling him aggressive and he's nowhere near aggressive any dog that doesn't know someone is going to probably feel threatened. I miss my dog and I really want to see him and what steps to take to get him back please help with any answers.

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