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Unauthorized Neutering

My girlfriend's dog was taken to the pound after she was assualted in my apartment. She is from NY and they neutered her dog without consent even though we showed all paperwork to the Officer and they said they wouldn't. He is an expensive do and was planned on being bred. What can we do legally?

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Can I adopt a dog I found and surrendered?

I found a dog in the grass near the road at night and was worried about her. She had a collar on but no identifying information, and she was very scared. I brought her home so she’d be safe, and the next morning I brought her to our local Humane Society. They scanned for a microchip, and finding none, had me sign a surrender form so they could take her for a five day hold to find the owner or see if she is a candidate for adoption. I can’t stop thinking about her, and if possible I’d like to adopt her. Will I be able to do so after signing a surrender form— considering she wasn’t my dog when I surrendered her?

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Shelter adopted out my service animal.

I'm a musician (touring artist) and had my service animal staying with my mother for a bit as I was traveling. She lost the dog, when the shelter received the dog, they adopted it in three days. My every attempt to locate my dog has been thwarted and denied by the shelter even though they didn't go through proper protocol. The dog is microchipped and registered as a service animal in my name. Is there anything I can do?

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Neighbor keeps trapping my cats.

My neighbor across the street keeps having my cats trapped and taken away for coming in her yard. She had my dog taken away last year because he got out of house for a minute and she got smart with me, so I told her off and than she called police on dog. She is using the police and animal control to punish me. How can I stop her? My cats are outside animals but well fed. Dry food with a can of mackerel on top daily. Help. I have to stop her. Can I file charges on her for wasting city money by using them to get at me?

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Cited for too many animals but my sister won’t get rid of them.

I live with my sister and her husband, the house is mine and my mom's. We got cited by the city for having too many animals. They told us we had to get rid of the ones over the 2 animal/pet limit or we will get fined. Since I am one of the owners of the house, I will end up getting the ticket in my name. I can't evict them because my mom won't go along with it, even tho we are technically breaking the law because of them. The dogs they have have destroyed a lot of pieces of our personal belongings, but they refuse to compensate us. We've asked them to get rid of the extra animals months ago. How can I legally remove the extra animals myself? (Since they refuse to)

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