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Neutering my dog

On March 23rd my dog went missing from a friends who was watching him, I didnt find out for 2 weeks that he was missing they didn't want to tell me they lied every time I asked to see him. He ended up at the animal shelter where, they are saying they have ownership of him, and they are neutering him, and I have to pay $200 and adopt him. My question is are they allowed to do that. I dont want him neutered and i cant afford $200. This is not fair my dog has been through enough he needs to just come home.

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Took my dog for 1 incident.

So long story short I have a well loved dog almost two years he is an outside dog and always has remained on his thought chain of had never broke before. Well he got off after a link broke and he was off a total of ten minutes in that time the neighbors dog was on their porch with no leash and my dog went straight to him and they got into a scuffle. Wasn't for 60 seconds. Police showed up and walked towards my dog n he had gear and a hat on enough to make any dog wonder my dog jumped at police but did not bite him . My kids are very close to our dog and this was a freak accident he's NEVER been aggressive towards people and animals. The next day I came home and animal control had my dog calling him aggressive and he's nowhere near aggressive any dog that doesn't know someone is going to probably feel threatened. I miss my dog and I really want to see him and what steps to take to get him back please help with any answers.

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Can I take the dog?

If I call animal control on this guy who has mom and puppies, can I ask to take them once they're with animal control?

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Shelter/Pound neutered dog without permission, knowing it was ours and a hunting dog.

Somehow our $2,000 hunting dog got out and we didn't know where he was until we called the pound which at that point they knew it was our dog and that it was an expensive hunting dog, which we also breed and has papers, the whole nine. Then fast forward a couple days and we go to pick him up and they have us sit and wait and talk to a bunch of people, who then proceed to tell us he should stay another day. At which point we asked why, and they told us he had been neutered and treated for heartworms. So we want a lawsuit taken against them if at all possible. Surely they can't grab peoples dogs and do things to the animal against the owners knowledge or consent and get away with it. Thanks in advance.

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Can they enforce a leash law on 15 acres?

My neighbor of 25 years is calling animal control on me because my dogs, she indicates, trespass to her property. The issue is we live on 15 acres and where she is referring to is woods in which there isn’t a fence line, but a shared woods property line. She places trail cameras out and then calls animal control when my dogs go to the woods to chase deer. The county I live in has a leash law. So what recourse do I have? This is a farm, not a subdivision.

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My dog has killed another dog in my own home.

So, we have a dog who has never been vicious towards people in any way and rarely does anything towards other animals. Unfortunately another dog had been left in our home to watch while we were away. Said other dog was a small dog who tried to assert dominance a few times. Unfortunately the latch on the kennel wasn’t completely latched and we don’t know what happened other than it looks like our dog bit him and he had died....

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Unauthorized Neutering

My girlfriend's dog was taken to the pound after she was assualted in my apartment. She is from NY and they neutered her dog without consent even though we showed all paperwork to the Officer and they said they wouldn't. He is an expensive do and was planned on being bred. What can we do legally?

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