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How can I get my dog back?

I asked him (a church mate) to take care of my dog this January. When I gave him my dog, I and he agreed to give her back when my situation got better. I asked him to return my dog. But since the day I asked, he keeps avoiding my calls. How can I get my dog back? I have my dog's vaccination record and my dog has a microchip. He is not answering my text or phone at all. Is there any way to get my dog back?

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Surrendered rights.

I just surrendered my dog yesterday, but I did not sign any paperwork. I want my dog back. Do I have any rights to get it back with me?

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Need to remove husband’s cat from my house.

My husband's hybrid domestic cat (very expensive) makes messes constantly, brakes my property, pees, and poo's in virtually every room of the house and is unsafe around my newborn baby (has slapped him in the past and cannot be trusted around the baby- but with additional caution since I am not aware of another occurrence). My husband and I currently have serious relationship issues (not just related to the cat) and he does not seem to care enough for the welfare of my baby, or my quality of life to do something about his cat or comply with my request to remove it. How can I remove the cat legally? Am I forced to live with this cat until my husband moves out? Only my name is on the mortgage since my husband moved in with me before we married.

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Is there any way to get my dog back?

Is there anyway to get my dog back? I surrendered my little dog 6-3-2020. I wanted to reclaim my dog, and I went back within 24 hours, but the shelter had already adopted him out.

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Can I adopt Shop Cat I’ve been caring for during quarantine?

I have been sheltering a cat during quarantine for a shop that didn’t have a plan to care for the cat during quarantine when no one would be visiting the shop on a regular basis. There was no clear agreement about how long I was taking him for. When I picked up the cat, he was extremely dirty. I have cared for him and bought him food for two months. I’ve spent every day and all day with him. He’s extremely well cared for. The shop owner who lives in NYC only part time now wants the cat back in the shop, but I’m scared he’s going to be traumatized. I would like to adopt him but they said no. What are my rights?

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My friend gave me a dog now wants it back. What can I do?

A friend of mine gave me a dog 3 days ago after he was asked several times if he was sure on rehoming him. Two days later he texted saying he would be back in a week to get the dog. His reason was his partner missed the dog after telling him to rehome the dog because she couldn’t handle a puppy and a new born baby. But still pregnant, decided she can all of the sudden handle an 8 month old puppy whom was underweight and had bald patches when we received him. What can I do?

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