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How can I get dogs back from unfit home?

I had 2 dogs to rehome due to my husband passing away. I gave them to a friend of a friend. I tried to take them to him, but he said it would be better for them if I didn't. So he took them and I went 2 days later to see them. The yard and house are falling apart, and there's nowhere for them in the yard but a small path and it's really nasty, and the house is falling apart. That's why he didn't want me to take them to him. So I asked him for them back, oh and there's also drugs there, and he said I wasn't getting them back. What can I do?

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Can friend take the dog back?

I got a free dog from a friend because she was homeless. Now she thinks that she might potentially have a home and is considering taking the dog back. I want to know if after 7 days, regardless of if she has done documentation on the dog originally being hers, can she take it back?

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My roommates took my cat claiming negligence.

Hello, I bought 2 cats with my roommate over a year ago. My roommate was the one working with the foster family and did paperwork while I just payed for the split cost of the two. Throughout the time we just split everything for the cats. She would get the stuff and I would pay for half. The housing situation became toxic staying with the roommates who have severe mental health issues and I could no longer be there. So I would go there and take care of my cat each morning before work. I never physically saw my roommates because they were either gone or sleeping, but they claim since they have not seen me that I am neglecting my cat and refuse to tell me where he is or give him back. I need help in if I should take this to court and guidance. Thank you.

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Who do these dogs belong to now?

My sister is a drug and alcohol addict. When I helped move her out of her apartment she had 2 dogs that were neglected. She moved out and I took the dogs. She doesn’t come over my house to look at her dogs or inquire about them. I have now had the dogs for 6 months. Who do the dogs belong to now? Thank you.

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I am being sued by the adoption agency for breach of contract.

I am being sued by the adoption agency for breach of contract and they want the dog back. I purchase a dog from a rescue over a year ago we gave them the check, signed paperwork, and currently have the dog registered with LA County, and the chip registered also in our name. The adoption agency is saying that they want the dog back for breach of contract because we didn’t allow them to come for a wellness check.

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How can I get back a cat I surrendered if he was adopted?

I have surrendered my cat because I thought I was moving away to a different state, and I couldn't drive 20 hours or more with him in the car. Later, something changed and I didn't have to move anymore, and my son wants the kitty back because he misses him so much. He feels sad every week from not having his cat. I contacted the place where I surrendered my cat and they told me he was adopted and they won't let us see him. How can I get my cat back if he was adopted?

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Custody after breakup for non-married couple.

My ex left me abruptly without notice and took her things and the dogs (2) while I was at work. We adopted them together but they are in my name (I paid all the fees). I have paid for most of the vet bills, food and a portion of dog walking fees. She paid for the dog walker for the past 6-8 months because she wanted to use someone else. We lived in SF and she moved them to San Diego. I would have been willing to amicably agree to 50/50 joint custody but was not given the chance. She has blocked my calls and does not respond to email. I am not sure how to proceed.

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