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How can we legally acquire this dog we found?

We found this dog and he was in horrible condition. Fleas covered is body. After giving the dog a thorough bath, the whole tub was covered in blood from how bad the infestation was. We fell in love with him. A week later, the owner finally contacted us. We had to give him back because legally that's how it works.

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Can we “rescue” our roommates cat?

My fiance & I rented an apartment with my fiance's friend of over 20 years and the friends boyfriend. We moved in 1 month later than planned (still payed rent for the month we missed) and when we got there the roommate had obtained a cat saying that its just "HER" cat. But almost immediately, like 1 month later they started starving and completely ignoring the cat. They haven't fed her for at least 2 months as I write this, my fiance and I have kept this cat alive.

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Whose dog is she?

So my ex and I got a dog together and since I have mental illness we got an ESA letter from my psychiatrist. But my ex took her and registered her under her name at city hall. Can I get her back anyway?

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How do I go about the adoption process?

There is a lady who lived near me and knew my cousin. She had a ton of dogs and decided to give some away. She gave a dog to my cousin, but after a short amount of time he no longer wanted the dog, and ended up giving the dog to my mother and our family. We've had the dog for about a year, and I wanted to get him his vaccinations and have him cleaned, but I can't because I don't have legal adoption papers. Is there any way that I can adopt him legally, and if so, how would I go about the adoption process. I don't want them to take my dog away. He means the world to me.

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Original owner wants the dog that he surrendered.

Last week, we found a 16 week old puppy with health issues. We called the number on his collar, and the person stated that he did not want him anymore. The dog is registered in our household now, and has visited our vet already. Recently, the original owner said he regrets that he gave him away, and he is demanding that we give him back. Is there any legal action he can take to actually take him back? Can we fight it?

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My sister and I are in a custody dispute over a cat.

A couple years ago my sister convinced my parents to get a cat and they agreed to. My sister just graduated from college and moved back in while she is searching for a home (I’m still in high school). When my sister left for college the cat stayed home with me, and I was the one feeding her and cleaning her litter. Recently my cat got spayed because I convinced my mom to finally take her for the surgery, so my mom and I took her. My sister payed $40 and I payed $50. My sister keeps on threatening to take my cat away when she moves out, even though I buy all of her food and clean her litter box. In a way, she couldn't care less about her needs. She keeps on saying that I am not the owner of the cat and that she is the owner, although I fulfill all of her needs on my own, and my cat seems to prefer to spend more time with me. Is there anyway to get custody over my cat when the time comes for my sister to move out even though I'm in high school? I cannot imagine my life without her, and I am way too attached and cannot even be a day apart from her.

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My ex rehomed my dog. How do I get him back?

I would like to know what steps I can take to get my dog Alex, who I have had for many years, back. My ex has rehomed him. I do know where the dog is, but the new owners won't let me see him and aren't willing to talk. What can I do?

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