Repevlin to Take Back Dog

I asked my brother in law to watch my dog for me so I can get the gist of being a new mom. They won’t give me my dog back.

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Can I get my dog back from the shelter?

I gave my dog to a shelter in Ohio because I thought he was acting up to spite me while I was at work. I now want my dog back and will work with vet. The shelter does not want to give him back to me

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Can I get my cat back?

My cat had gotten out of the apartment; I searched everywhere, I put up posted checked sites daily to see if he would turn up, and reported him missing. No word. Then one day I was on Facebook and saw my cat on an animal foundation's page. I contacted them and they had already adopted out my cat.

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How can I change the ownership/custody of my dog under my name?

I adopted my dog, about 4 years ago from a shelter in New York with my ex fiancé. He recently abandoned us, and has not cared about the dog or his well-being. I am now over 21 and totally capable of taking care of my dogs and would like full custody. What do I have to do?

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Can I get my dog back?

My dog is staying with my ex boyfriend and my son, but I want my dog back because my ex is not taking care of him. Can I get my dog back?

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