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Dog Within Family.

Hi, my brother is in a nursing home and will not be coming home. I have his dog and would like to know how much authority I have in the dog's life. I do tell people he is my brother's dog, and I have custody. What exactly does that mean? Do I have to ask my brother about everything I do with the dog?

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How to get my dog back?

If someone took me to court over my dog, and the person won because they paid for the dog, but I’ve had the dog for 2 years, how could I fight that?

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Can I take the dog.

I need advice regarding a Welsh Terrier owned by a friend. I've witnessed the dog being mistreated and it's heart-wrenching. The owner reacts harshly when the dog doesn't obey, often yelling and grabbing the dog. I've even seen the dog pulled forcefully. When I'm around, the dog prefers to be with me. It's clear the dog doesn't want to be near the owner when forced to do things.

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My ex-girlfriend bought a puppy and gave it to me to raise. I have paid for vet bills, medications, and food for 8 months now. She claims that she bought him for both of us. She lives two hours away. We are broken up now, and she says she's coming to get the dog. Who gets custody of the dog?

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Dog rehoming

We rehomed my daughter's dog yesterday, and now I want her back. My daughter works full time and is taking flying lessons, so she felt she did not have time to care for her dog. The couple that took her both work outside the home and will leave her home alone and put her in doggie day care. They also do not have good access to their yard from their house. We made a mistake and want her back. Can we ask for her back? We did not charge a fee and just gave them the dog.

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Dog taken to shelter.

If my ex takes my dogs to a shelter after stating he will watch them can I sue him for taking them to a shelter without my permission?

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Do I have rights to my dog?

My dog had puppies last year, and I gave two of them away. I just found out this week through an ad that one of the puppies I gave away was placed in a shelter sometime last October for being “too hyper”. I have a contract with the woman I gave the dog to stating she is to return the dog to me if she were to ever decide she doesn’t want him anymore. The shelter is trying to say I have to pay the $400 adoption fee, even though my contract shows he was supposed to be given back to me, not a shelter. He’s been there for months.

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Lost and Found.

I lost my Chihuahua and she was found by a neighbor who posted on Lost and Found pet website. The next evening I saw the post and immediately responded she was mine and posted my phone number. No response. Next day after I saw the post I found the house where Hazel my Chihuahua was located but the person wasn't there who found her. I left my info if address and phone numbers. He called later that evening and said he'd given her to a friend/co-worker that wanted her. I asked to have his friend call me so I can get her back. But now the friend won't give her back without paperwork proving she's mine. Unfortunately I can't locate paperwork and the places I took Hazel for shots have closed down or it can't locate paperwork. Hazel has very specific markings to prove she is mine though, but the person still won't give her back. Can I fight with photos to get Hazel, my Chihuahua, back?

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Pet Question.

I owned my dog for 2 years before deciding to give him away. The agreement was that we would be able to visit and take him with notice. Recently, the owner stopped responding to me, and I was informed that he doesn't want us to see him anymore. I kept all his paperwork, and he's registered in my name in case this happened. Do we have any rights, and what should I do to get him back?

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I want my dog back.

Okay, my wife went to jail while she was walking my dog, and she ended up getting arrested. The police took my dog to the humane society. At the time, I didn't have $30, so they wouldn't give my dog back. Later, I called them, and they said it was now up to $50. Sadly, they adopted my baby to another family, and when I talked to them, they said they couldn't work with me or do anything, and that he is pretty much gone. However, my dog is microchipped, and his tags were up to date too. Please help.

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