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Custody of a dog

Someone gave me a puppy to watch because she could not care for him. He was about 2 months old when I took him in. I have now had him for about 10 months, have paid for all his food and vet bills and care. That person now wants the dog back. He will not live a good life with her and he’s happy with me and my family. Do I have the power to keep him even if he is registered in her name?

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Vet refuses to give dog back.

The lady that was looking in on my pregnant dog took her to the vet and the vet give her two options, kill my dog or surrender her - which she couldn't do either option since own her. Now the vet refuses to give my dog back. Please help.

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Violent ex is holding my ESA animal hostage and refuses to give him back to me.

I have a registered ESA animal (cat) that my ex-boyfriend is threatening to hide and keep. I had to leave for spine surgery and have been on disability for the past 4 months recovering. I have been unable to retrieve my cat because of this AND due to him being the perpetrator of domestic abuse. I contacted the police station and domestic abuse center (both local and hotline) and have been advised to find out what my rights are. I have had this cat since 2019, he is microchipped under my name (I have vet records as well) and only moved in with my unstable and abusive ex in 2021. I would really appreciate some advice as to how to proceed/understand my rights.

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Need help

My brother and his ex have been dating on and off for almost a year, and he wants his dog. His dog is registered to him and he has is the adoption paperwork, but she's been paying for all the dogs vet bills because the dog lives with her, but he’s trying to get custody. I was just wondering if there’s a chance to prove he’s the owner of his dog.

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Help me get my dog back.

I gave a dog to a rescue and before i could get back to my car I couldn't leave him I asked for him back and offered the fees they said no. What can I do? I want him out of that place.

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Do I have legal recourse after giving up dog?

I gave my dog away for adoption 23 days ago. I was under duress with an upcoming knee operation 6 days later. I didn't sell the dog and I have papers and she was microchipped that the dog belongs to me. I didn't consult my family prior to giving her up for adoption and the decision. The kids are depressed as is the entire family. I called 23 days after I gave my dog up to a family for adoption and they refuse to give me back the dog. Do I have any legal recourse in the state of New York?

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Is it illegal to keep someone’s pet and refuse to give it back?

Is it illegal to keep someone’s pet and refuse to give it back in California? What would happen if the pet owner decides to sue the person who is refusing to give back the pet? What if someone lost my pet when he was helping me to take care of my pet for a while? Can I sue him or ask for compensation?

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Given a dog to keep, now they want him back.

My sons friend asked me to keep his dog and he pays for his medical care since he was 6 weeks old but the dog has been in my care for two years and now he wants him back. What can I do to keep him?

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Previous owners trying to take back microchipped dog.

We were giving a dog three years ago. The previous owner had the dog chipped. We went on vacation and the dog ran away from our dog sitter. Now the previous owner is trying to take possession from the Humane Society. What do I do?

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