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Can I get my dog back?

I rehomed my puppy about a week and a half ago but have had a change of mind. Is it possible for me to get him back? He is chipped under my name.

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I want my Yorkie back from a friend.

Hello, I let my friend take my Yorkie with the intent to pay me $3000 she was to stud him out and give me the money. I never heard from her and she has blocked me on all phone and social media. I want my dog back! I never signed his papers over to her. She has the papers and he is legally in my name. What can I do??

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Inheritance of a dog

Hi! My question is to confirm what happens to my dog if I die without a signed will in place. I am not married, so I believe my parents will take ownership of all my assets/belongings. Some legal articles online state that a pet is treated like the rest of the deceased's property, which means my dog will also go to my parents by default. Can you confirm this, please?

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My dog ran away, a year later we found him, but she won’t give him back.

A year ago, my dog got out of the yard while I was recovering from an accident where I lost my child. We searched for him but heard nothing. A year later, my dog groomer sent me a picture of him; someone had brought him in to get groomed. She informed the lady that she knows the owner and gave her my contact info. However, the lady did not contact me. The groomer provided me with her info, and I've been trying to contact her, but she will not respond. How can I get my dog back?

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My boyfriend and I joined homes last May and we both have dogs. He passed away in November now his parents are trying to take the dog. What can I do? I have had this dog for 10 months, during which time I have been caring for and loving her, as well as paying for all of her expenses.

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My Friend gave me her dog now she wants him back.

My friend literally gave me her dog I have her old texts which have shown that she did give me the dog and I have witnesses of her saying that he is my dog now she wants him back saying her panic attacks got worse since he's been gone and keeps threatening to call the cops if I don't give him back to her and harassing to come to my property to take the dog I don't know what to do.

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Fostered for 8 months.

I have been fostering 2 dogs for 9 months, I had to reach out and ask to get them re-fostered because it was just too much with 4 dogs. After giving one back we noticed we could handle 3 just ok so I asked to adopt the one left with me. The rescue refused and said it was promised as a foster to another person. I took care of these dogs for 9 months and offered to adopt, is there anything I can legally do? The organization also failed to provide any supplies during the entire time and they have been difficult to work with.

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Can I get my dog back?

I live in the US and was planning to go back to Scotland when I got ill with pneumonia, I rehomed my dog. Nothing was signed and no money exchanged. Can I get my dog back? I’m staying in the US.

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