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How to protect myself from litigation.

You stated that one of your pet-sitting business rules is that the animals are fixed yet the cat was accepted for boarding without being fixed. A contract can be as simple as authorizing a specific person or entity to have an animal (description included) neutered by a licensed veterinarian although there are other provisions that a pet-sitting business/boarding facility or individual should consider to include in a pet-sitting/boarding contract, such as a hold harmless clause which addresses liability, animal care, which may address such things as emergencies where the animal may need veterinary attention, failure of the animal’s “parent” to retrieve the animal when scheduled to do so, etc. Consider having an attorney review your contracts and/or draft contracts for your business. I also suggest procuring insurance if you do not have it.

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Foster doesn’t approve of adoptive family

I am currently fostering a mom and 6 puppies that she had 2 days after we brought her home. They are 8 weeks old now and just attended an adoption event for the first time. The rescue originally told us we would have some say in who they were adopted to as the foster parents, and my neighbors who have been helping us care for them since they were days old has formed a close bond with one of the puppies. They made sure to submit their application and attend the adoption event so they could meet the rescue group and go through all of the proper channels. Later that day, the rescue informed us they chose a different family for the puppy AND were also going to allow this family to adopt our neighbor's second choice puppy as well, despite what we feel is best for the dog since she is already set up at our neighbor's vet and has bonded with their other dog as well. Do we have any rights as foster parents to refuse to adopt to a particular family if we feel it is not in the best interest of the dog?

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Can the rescue sue me for rehoming my cat?

I am rehoming my cats due to my fiancé’s severe allergy to them. I got one from a local cat rescue and I signed an adoption contract stating if I didn’t want him I would take him back to the shelter. He is bonded to my other cat and have been together for 2 years, I have a family member who would love them and could take them today. Can the rescue sue me for rehoming him?

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Rehome after adoption

I recently adopted a dog but he isn’t a good fit for our family unfortunately. I found someone who wants him but when I adopted him I signed a contract stating I wouldn’t sell, trade, or rehome him. But I don’t want to send him back to the shelter. How binding are these contracts?

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How can I get dogs back from unfit home?

I had 2 dogs to rehome due to my husband passing away. I gave them to a friend of a friend. I tried to take them to him, but he said it would be better for them if I didn't. So he took them and I went 2 days later to see them. The yard and house are falling apart, and there's nowhere for them in the yard but a small path and it's really nasty, and the house is falling apart. That's why he didn't want me to take them to him. So I asked him for them back, oh and there's also drugs there, and he said I wasn't getting them back. What can I do?

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Cited for too many animals but my sister won’t get rid of them.

I live with my sister and her husband, the house is mine and my mom's. We got cited by the city for having too many animals. They told us we had to get rid of the ones over the 2 animal/pet limit or we will get fined. Since I am one of the owners of the house, I will end up getting the ticket in my name. I can't evict them because my mom won't go along with it, even tho we are technically breaking the law because of them. The dogs they have have destroyed a lot of pieces of our personal belongings, but they refuse to compensate us. We've asked them to get rid of the extra animals months ago. How can I legally remove the extra animals myself? (Since they refuse to)

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