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Groomers injured my dog.

My dog went to the groomers two days ago and they sent him home with a broken paw. I just want to know what we can do.

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Aggressive Neighbor Dog & Neglecting Owners

I have a neighbor who owns two dogs. One of which is his fiancé’s and the dog has been aggressive to me since they moved in over a year ago. He will run the fence line and bark and pounce on the fence. He will stick his jaw under the fence and bark, snarl, and go to bite. About three months ago I adopted two dogs. Their dogs are left outside all day everyday. I only let mine out w supervision. Yesterday the aggressive dog bit one of mine. This has gone on for too long and continues to escalate despite talking with the owners. What should I do?

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Violent ex is holding my ESA animal hostage and refuses to give him back to me.

I have a registered ESA animal (cat) that my ex-boyfriend is threatening to hide and keep. I had to leave for spine surgery and have been on disability for the past 4 months recovering. I have been unable to retrieve my cat because of this AND due to him being the perpetrator of domestic abuse. I contacted the police station and domestic abuse center (both local and hotline) and have been advised to find out what my rights are. I have had this cat since 2019, he is microchipped under my name (I have vet records as well) and only moved in with my unstable and abusive ex in 2021. I would really appreciate some advice as to how to proceed/understand my rights.

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I know of 2 dogs being neglected. What do I do?

I know of two dogs that are being neglected. Yes, they get fed and get water, but they don’t get baths nor do they get taken outside and are locked up in the same room 24/7 is there anyway I can get the dogs out of the original owners care and into my care?

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Can we take ownership of dog due to abuse?

I would like to know the legal ramifications of taking a family member's dog who is being hit when humping pillows, although the owner refuses to neuter the 2 year old dog., and emotionally abusing him by screaming at him and keeping him isolated from everyone even other dogs. The owner also feeds the dog human foods that give him diarrhea and makes him throw up. We love this dog and would love to offer him a better life. What can I do?

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Neighbor trapping and abandoning my cats.

My neighbor has trapped and abandoned two of my cats. She admitted it to me, but denied same to animal control. What can I do? I have much circumstantial evidence, but animal control says I need proof.

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Can abusive owner get dog back?

If a dog was taken from an owner due to animal cruelty can the owner get the dog back? I called on a neighbor of mine and I’m just hoping he won’t hurt the dog again.

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Is it a crime that my boyfriend intentionally released my indoor rabbit outside?

Is it a crime that my boyfriend got mad at me so he let my indoor rabbit, who's never ever been outside, go and he watched him go? To me he just killed my rabbit. Indoor rabbits will not survive outdoors. they would be very domesticated and predators will kill Jim very quickly. I know he's dead I can feel it. Is there anything criminal wise I can do to him?

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Owner Abandoned Puppy

My fiance and I were contacted to pick up a puppy or it would have been homeless. We were told the puppy was left outside of the owner's home in a kennel and the owner was not returning. We took the puppy home, bathed him, fed him, made him comfortable. Three days later, the owner contacts us asking for the puppy back. He stated he was gone for two days and came back to find his puppy was gone. He demanded to have us return the puppy or else. We were frightened and didn't know what else to do, therefore we returned the puppy. We are concerned with the well-being of the puppy staying with this owner. Is or was there anything else we should have done?

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