I can’t afford my puppy’s bills. What do I do?

We purchased a German Shepard from a Pet Store and had all the papers and the Breeder's information. When we brought her home she had diarrhea. I called the pet store and they said it was the change in food or just a sensitivity to the change in her environment. We ending up rushing her to a vet when she started vomiting. We had only had her for 3 days. They checked her for all kinds of things and put her on a special diet. She straightened out in a couple of days and then it started again after a month, so she has had bouts of diarrhea on and off. We've now been to 2 different vets. She has all her shots. Before her lyme shot she was a healthy and 60 lbs. She started the next day with diarrhea, and in two weeks was down to 50 lbs. We of course went to a third vet to get a second opinion. They found that she has a pancreas problem and can't digest her food. From start to finish with the vets, we have spent over $3,000 in vets, tests, food, and the most recent vet bill was $625. We are a retired couple on a fixed income. I called the Pet Store and the Breeder. The breeder offered to give us a replacement. We don't want a replacement. We want our dog. She will be okay as long as she stays on special food and meds at the price of $650 a month. I called the Pet store to see if they could do something. We ran out of money and had to return her to the Pet store and are trying to work out a solution with assistance with the meds and food. Isn't there a law that prohibits this kind of stuff? What can I do?

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Can I take a ferret to the vet?

I am watching my friend's ferret. Right from the start, the 6-month-old ferret was very lethargic. I did my research and I found out that I should take the ferret to the vet ASAP, but her ferret has never been to the vet before. I'm worried that the ferret might not make it.

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The owner of an abandoned dog wants her back.

Saturday morning I saw a post on Facebook asking if anyone could take in an abandoned dog. The story I got was that the family left the dog over a year ago and the neighbor had been feeding her and taking care of her as best as he could do, but he could no longer do it. My husband and I decided to take her in. When we arrived, she had flies and fleas all over her. We gave her a bath and took her to the vet. She has sores all over her and both her ears are severely infected. We got medicine and treatment and spent $200. She obviously wasn't being taken care of. Now the owner wants her back. The dog is happy and adjusting well with us and our other dogs. Is there anything we can do to keep her?

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My neighbors don’t take care of their dog.

My neighbors have a dog named Whitey. They do not care for him, and he stays at our house 24/7. He never goes home, and they never come to get him nor call him home. Could I take him to a vet to get a rabies shot so he is legally mine?

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I believe my dog was stolen and put up for adoption.

My dog was stolen from me, but I was made to believe she ran away and I was lured all directions chasing after her trying to find her. Later on, I found out that she was in an animal shelter the whole time. At the time I didn't have means to make a post online. I was physically searching for her. I now can get online regularly and was able to find my dog, but she was adopted. I've made three attempts to contact the people who adopted her, but no one has contacted me back. I want my dog back. She was stolen from my yard. I believe it was a distraction so my dog would be adopted. The previous owner's roommate kept trying to get my dog but couldn't because I involved legal. How can I get my dog back?

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I boarded a cat for 7 months. Who has legal ownership?

I kept a friend's ex's cat for 7 months while they dated and now suddenly she wants it back after they broke up. I like the cat and don't want to give it back. The cat is happy here. Is the cat legally mine after this time period? There was no contract.

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How can I get my dog back after giving her up?

As of May 14, 2010, I gave up my dog to Love-A-Stray, in Avon, OH. A week later I wanted her back, and I contacted the volunteer who I dealt with, and she told me in no uncertain terms, how dare I. After sending her emails due to my family wanting to take the dog to a shelter, I was forced to give her up. Apparently, this volunteer felt she had the right to tell me I would have to pay $125 to get her back. Then she proceeded to tell me she would take me to court and use my mother against me. My mother said she would never do that. I never abused this dog, I loved her as if I gave birth to her myself. I want my dog back, and the family who has her now should understand how awful this rescue place is. What steps can I take to get my dog back?

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Can I take legal ownership of my mother’s dog?

My mother went to jail for a while and wanted me to keep her dog. After jail, she went to rehabilitation for a year. This caused confusion as to what happens to the dog. She never signed the dog over to me and basically has been out for a couple of years. I am her son which means that I am related to her, but I do not know if that means anything. Is there anyway I can keep the dog legally?

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