Protecting Community Cats from the Summer Heat

Just as important in cold weather, feral cats – also known as community cats –need proper shelter during the summer months. These cats can be particularly vulnerable to extreme temperatures and at risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion. That’s why a safe place to rest in a cool, shady spot can make all the difference.

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Dog Ownership Dispute / Veterinary Negligence

My ex-boyfriend and I bought a dog 9 years ago, we split original purchase 50/50. Up until 2/2021 we were splitting the vet costs (a monthly wellness plan). From 2/2021 (when I moved out) - 12/2023 he did not pay towards the wellness plan. I fully paid all charges. We recently broke up and he is now keeping the dog from me (we were splitting visitation weekly). This week while I was out of town for work, he took the dog to same Vet and brought him in as new pet, and he told the Vet to cancel my wellness plan on the dog and my 4/8 appt. Which they did without contacting me even though I was the SOLE name on the account. They proceeded with vet visit. Vet confirmed to me they did not perform all of the routine preventative care since he was paying out of pocket. So he is not providing same level of care. Dog licenses (2 towns) & pet insurance are in my name & I pay them. What are my rights/options here? And what action can I take against Vet?

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How can I get service dog out of the pound?

I was arrested for a traffic violation that was not my fault. My service dog was taken to the Animal Control. They are requiring that she be spayed before release and charging me over $400. She went in Friday night and I was released Monday morning, but they were closed Monday and Tuesday. She has saved my life more than once. I do not have that much money and it adds up every day. What can I do? I do not want her sterilized and I need her with me as soon as possible. What can I do?

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My dog is being held for falsely being accused of biting someone.

My dog is being kept by Animal Control for falsely being accused of biting someone. Hearing has been completed and past the 7 days as stated by the hearing for the results. Ten days and no results, and they still have my dog in isolated confinement. No walks, visitors, we can drop off treats & a toy, which we did, but we get no status on how our dog is. Seems to be animal cruelty the way they are treating my dog with being falsely accused. We have done all that we were asked to do on the list to return our dog back to us, but they are still holding on to him.

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Cat Ownership Questions

My girlfriend and I had a cat before we broke up, the cat's chip was registered under my name. During our time I can feel the cat likes my girlfriend more than me, so after the breakup I gave the cat to her while there are no documents/contracts saying this. It has been 2 years, and she is the primary caregiver to the cat although I pay for the insurance. She is rehoming the cat but having difficulties. Can she sue me for animal abandonment during the breakup? I'm a bit paranoid. Thanks

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Fake Abuse Reports

If there is a false report of animal abuse on my dog can I get a defamation lawsuit on them?

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How can I get my dog back?

My dog escaped the house with a bad skin condition and ended up at the shelter before I returned home. The shelter deemed her skin as neglect and threatened to take my other animals (1 dog 1 cat) if we tried to sign her out, so my boyfriend (legal owner) signed her away to them. But I've personally had this dog for 12 years and knows only us as a family. I have the vet I've used for 12 years as well on my side, but he legally can't do anything and told me to contact a lawyer. I've asked the shelter nicely to get her back any way I can but they won't give me a straight answer.

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Rehomed by mistake.

I had gone without sleep for a couple months and I really wasn't aware how much I would miss the dog and the people won't let me visit her.

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