What is a Rescue Dog?

When you hear the term “rescue dog,” you might imagine a canine wearing a cape saving you from peril. Exactly what IS a “rescue dog”? At North Shore Animal League America, we like to refer to rescue dogs and cats as Mutt-i-grees: any dog, cat, puppy, or kitten who has been adopted into a Read More

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Is It Better to Buy or Adopt a Dog?

You have made the decision to bring a dog into your home! Now you must determine whether to adopt your new companion, or if you will buy a dog from a breeder or store. There are many factors to take into consideration: Millions of homeless dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters annually. Read More

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How can I legally claim an abandoned dog?

There was a dog left at the local vet and has not been picked up. The client was called everyday for the last 2 weeks. The client also expressed that she did not want to pay the 2k bill and she also stated that she is moving. What are the steps that we would need to do to legally claim the dog w/o any repercussions. The vet has no clue how to handle this.

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Spouse threatening to take my ESA Cat to the pound.

My ESA cat has been hiding out in our room a lot since we got a very friendly excited dog. The cat has peed on my husband's laundry a few times (but has a history of peeing on various things occasionally in the past) now he's constantly threatening taking the cat to the shelter if it happens again. I'm breaking down in tears feeling like he'd be giving the boot to one of our children. Do I have any legal grounds to make him deal with cohabitating with the feline, since the cat is my ESA and one of the few things that still brings me joy?

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Foster doesn’t approve of adoptive family

I am currently fostering a mom and 6 puppies that she had 2 days after we brought her home. They are 8 weeks old now and just attended an adoption event for the first time. The rescue originally told us we would have some say in who they were adopted to as the foster parents, and my neighbors who have been helping us care for them since they were days old has formed a close bond with one of the puppies. They made sure to submit their application and attend the adoption event so they could meet the rescue group and go through all of the proper channels. Later that day, the rescue informed us they chose a different family for the puppy AND were also going to allow this family to adopt our neighbor's second choice puppy as well, despite what we feel is best for the dog since she is already set up at our neighbor's vet and has bonded with their other dog as well. Do we have any rights as foster parents to refuse to adopt to a particular family if we feel it is not in the best interest of the dog?

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Can I file a lawsuit against my groomer?

My pet was groomed as a first time customer on Tuesday June 14th and as soon as I picked her up from the groomers she required medical attention for her eyes because the person that was in charge of washing got soap in her eyes. Her eyes were bloodshot red, irritated, swollen and basically shut. That following day she refused to eat and woke up in the middle of the night having explosive diarrhea. She continued to have diarrhea for the next several days. She was hospitalized on June 17th because she’s not doing well. My question can we take legal action? We believe she got sick from the groomers and they have not returned our calls regarding the incident.

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Can the rescue sue me for rehoming my cat?

I am rehoming my cats due to my fiancé’s severe allergy to them. I got one from a local cat rescue and I signed an adoption contract stating if I didn’t want him I would take him back to the shelter. He is bonded to my other cat and have been together for 2 years, I have a family member who would love them and could take them today. Can the rescue sue me for rehoming him?

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Do I have to give both dogs back?

I got 2 dogs from a rescue and it's not working out with the female. I messaged the lady I got the dogs from, and she said if she had to come get the female she would take the male, too. Do I have to give up both dogs?

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Who owns the kittens?

We live in an area where cats are frequently abandoned. One pregnant cat, took up residence in our barn. She had no collar and no one responded to postings so we decided to keep her. She was very skittish and would not come in the house. We set up a birthing box in the barn, but she had her kittens elsewhere. We searched and finally found them across a very busy highway in someone else's country home. They come down once a month. Found the 3-4 wk old kittens and took them home. They refuse to return them. Can we get them back?

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