I found a stray dog and took it to the pound. They told me that after a week, it will be put up for adoption. Can I legally adopt it after that week, even if I'm the one who turned it in?

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Can I get my dog back?

I rehomed my puppy about a week and a half ago but have had a change of mind. Is it possible for me to get him back? He is chipped under my name.

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Asking for neighbor to pay for cremation.

My dachshund was pulled from under the fence line and into the neighbor's yard, where she was mauled. The sheriff/Animal Control came and took the neighbor's dog, which was euthanized. Now, I would like them to pay for it all - the emotional toll this has taken on my family, the cost of getting her cremated, everything. I just don't know where to begin or how to go about demanding payment. I simply need a little guidance.

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I want my Yorkie back from a friend.

Hello, I let my friend take my Yorkie with the intent to pay me $3000 she was to stud him out and give me the money. I never heard from her and she has blocked me on all phone and social media. I want my dog back! I never signed his papers over to her. She has the papers and he is legally in my name. What can I do??

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Inheritance of a dog

Hi! My question is to confirm what happens to my dog if I die without a signed will in place. I am not married, so I believe my parents will take ownership of all my assets/belongings. Some legal articles online state that a pet is treated like the rest of the deceased's property, which means my dog will also go to my parents by default. Can you confirm this, please?

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AKC papers

I bought a purebred Toy Australian Shepherd 8 months ago. The breeder told us the dog was papered and sold him to us at a papered price. She also took our address and said that the papers would be mailed to us. After months of not receiving them, I contacted her to find out the issue. She agreed to mail them again, but after more months, we still have not received them. So, I contacted her again to meet in person, which she has not responded to. What can I do since I paid the price of a papered dog?

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Dog adoption from rescue out of state.

I got approved to adopt a dog from a rescue, signed the papers, and did everything required. I was told that the dog would be here on April 22nd. I had been in a wheelchair for a year, but now I am doing better and using a walker. However, they never asked how I'm doing now; instead, they asked what put me in a wheelchair. To my surprise, I saw my dog up for adoption. They kept my money and claimed that the dog is not safe with me in a wheelchair. I called them, but they won't respond. This feels like discrimination. All I want is my dog; we signed paperwork finalizing the adoption. My husband is here 24/7 to help with taking care of the dog. What can I do to get my dog back?

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I live in a mobile home park where we have a lot of strays. The people who live beside me are trapping them. One day, they had a cat in the trap for eight hours. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to release the cat, but I don't think it's legal to go onto someone else's property. Two weeks later, there was another cat in a trap. I just looked out, and they have set the trap again. I'm afraid they are going to trap someone's cat that is being taken care of but is allowed to roam. Even though all pets are supposed to be leashed, people still let them roam. Should I call the humane league? I love cats, and this breaks my heart.

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