My kitten was being held for me while I was getting an apartment and my friend gave the kitten to her neighbor, how do I get my kitten back?

My cat was being held for me by my friend who ended up letting her neighbor hold on to her for a few days because she got scratched in her face. Then the neighbor tried saying that it was her cat that she held onto it for almost a month when my friend did not have the cat for a month she only had her for at least 5 days.

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Cat attacks dog on leash unprovoked

A few months ago, as my wife was walking a foster dog we were taking care of up the stairs to our apartment on a leash, a cat charged down the stairs and attacked the dog's face. The dog defended itself and clamped down on the cat. My wife then put her hands in to try to separate the two animals, when the cat bit and scratched her hand to the point of needing stitches and seeing a hand surgeon for consultation.

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Negligent Rescue Organization

My husband and I adopted a 2 y/o lab/shepherd mix on 4/6/18. The dog was initially living in Texas then transported to Virginia in February 2018; the same rescue organization has branches in TX and VA, and they both coordinated his care. I had asked before adopting him if he had any significant health issues other than being overweight and was told no. We took him to the vet the day we got him and found out he was heart worm positive and has been since at least since December 2016, as he tested positive for it in June 2017 and it takes six months for the test to come up positive.

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My niece left her dog with me while she was ill and wants her dog back after I cared for it for a year

My niece was ill last year in March 2017 and she asked if I would take care of her dog until she was well and I said yes. She came and picked up the dog from my house in April 2017. The very next day she brought the dog back and said I just cant handle this dog and left it at my house. Now after a year of caring for the dog, and trips to the vet and groomer, she wants the dog back.

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My service dog was adopted while I was incarcerated.

Please help. I was incarcerated for 3 weeks and my dog was adopted 2 days before I got out. She is my service dog, and she is microchipped, I've sent Fulton County Animal several emails, called constantly, and no one has returned my call.

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Falsely accused of abuse

A girl is falsely accusing me of abusing my dogs because she wants them. Can Animal Control just come in my house and take my babies?

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How can we get our cat back from the adoption agency?

We adopted a cat on Sep 2016. We also signed a contract that said we would fulfill his medical needs, and if for any reason we were not able to, they would help us take care of it. The manager of the adoption center had offered to take him to the vet since he was overdue. She finally came the other day and told us she would take him to his appointments. Two days passed by and she never returned him and she did not reply to our texts or emails.

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