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Spouse threatening to take my ESA Cat to the pound.

My ESA cat has been hiding out in our room a lot since we got a very friendly excited dog. The cat has peed on my husband's laundry a few times (but has a history of peeing on various things occasionally in the past) now he's constantly threatening taking the cat to the shelter if it happens again. I'm breaking down in tears feeling like he'd be giving the boot to one of our children. Do I have any legal grounds to make him deal with cohabitating with the feline, since the cat is my ESA and one of the few things that still brings me joy?

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Can I file a lawsuit against my groomer?

My pet was groomed as a first time customer on Tuesday June 14th and as soon as I picked her up from the groomers she required medical attention for her eyes because the person that was in charge of washing got soap in her eyes. Her eyes were bloodshot red, irritated, swollen and basically shut. That following day she refused to eat and woke up in the middle of the night having explosive diarrhea. She continued to have diarrhea for the next several days. She was hospitalized on June 17th because she’s not doing well. My question can we take legal action? We believe she got sick from the groomers and they have not returned our calls regarding the incident.

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Neglect of cats

My 2 cats have IBD and must eat. They’re shy & easily stressed. I emphasized the importance of them eating to the kennel operator both verbally and in writing. I brought different food varieties and an appetite stimulant for emergency use. I told the owner that if cats don’t eat they develop liver disease, and one of them had already experienced that in the past. Each day she told me in writing they were both eating well. When I picked them up they were both extremely thin. She told me I feed them too much, which meant they weren’t eating and she was discarding the food. I can’t recall if I signed a waiver because I was already upset about leaving them there. Do I have recourse?

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Cat injureed by groomer, clinic refuses to accept responsibility

Hello, my only long hair cat FurBall gets a shave every year for the Memphis TN Summer. Last year, to our surprise, Furby was returned with a severe soft tissue hip injury, causing considerable pain. We took her to our vet, not groomer for exploratory treatment. The groomer, who service is out of a vet clinic refuses to accept responsibility. I want a refund of the groomers cost and my vets cost to ensure they did not break a bone. Please advise. I am currently beginning a BBB compliant. A groomer is not a vet service. I feel pet groomers should be held responsible for their mistreatment of our pets.

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What are my option after emotional support dog gets into a fight at dog park?

I have lived in an apartment complex with Lacy for 3 Years and never had any problems. I keep her on a leash at all times unless we are in the dog park. Occasionally we go there to play fetch and get some needed exercise. When another dog owner asked to join I decline and say give me a minute to leave. This time it was different, she kept insisting her dog was fine and wanted in. Lacy saw an opening in the fence and went after her dog. We got them apart and neither dog was injured or went to a vet even though we offered to pay her vet bill just to make sure. I went to the office just to report the incident and police and animal control were called. I was fined and the next week was told I had 7 days to get rid of my dog and was told I had no other options. I wanted to know if I do have any options?

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Can we take ownership of dog due to abuse?

I would like to know the legal ramifications of taking a family member's dog who is being hit when humping pillows, although the owner refuses to neuter the 2 year old dog., and emotionally abusing him by screaming at him and keeping him isolated from everyone even other dogs. The owner also feeds the dog human foods that give him diarrhea and makes him throw up. We love this dog and would love to offer him a better life. What can I do?

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SPCA won’t release the dogs I bought as a gift to my daughter because of my past.

I brought dogs for my daughter and grandchildren, someone dog napped them and the spca rescued them. I have a animal cruelty charge from 3 years ago which isn't my fault but took responsibility. I did my time and paid my fine, spca wouldn't release the animals to my daughter being that I purchased them as a gift to her and her children. What can I do about this matter?

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Took my dog for 1 incident.

So long story short I have a well loved dog almost two years he is an outside dog and always has remained on his thought chain of had never broke before. Well he got off after a link broke and he was off a total of ten minutes in that time the neighbors dog was on their porch with no leash and my dog went straight to him and they got into a scuffle. Wasn't for 60 seconds. Police showed up and walked towards my dog n he had gear and a hat on enough to make any dog wonder my dog jumped at police but did not bite him . My kids are very close to our dog and this was a freak accident he's NEVER been aggressive towards people and animals. The next day I came home and animal control had my dog calling him aggressive and he's nowhere near aggressive any dog that doesn't know someone is going to probably feel threatened. I miss my dog and I really want to see him and what steps to take to get him back please help with any answers.

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