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Take Dog Back.

So I bought a dog back in July and I didn't pay for her in full. I told the people I got her from I would pay for the rest of her by the end of the month, but then I became homeless, and then got another house. I just didn't have the funds to pay for her right away and I informed the breeder every step of the way and they said ok. Then after 8 months of me having her they said I owed WAYY more money then I originally did for the late fee charges. BUT I never signed a contract, and I asked the breeders to write one up but they never did, and so because I didn't receive a contract stating that if I didn't pay her off by a certain date there would be late fee charges. I told her I wasn't paying late fee charges so now they are taking me to court for the rest of the money I owe on the dog PLUS late fee charges AND they want her back. NONE of us signed a contract agreeing to anything, so I'm just curious if she can really get the dog back and make me pay late fee charges, or if I will just have to pay off what I originally owed on the dog and be on my way.

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Mini provided.

We recently bought an Australian Shepard from a breeder under the impression that she would be a standard. Upon a DNA test, the results came back that our dog is a mini Australian shepherd. Do we have any potential courses of action? We will absolutely not give the dog back or away.

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Breeder sold seriously ill puppy.

I purchased a puppy from a breeder in NC on Sunday, 11-13-22. Since having her she hasn’t eaten, she won’t drink and isn’t very active. I took her to the vet today, Wednesday 11-16-22 and was told that she’s infested with round worms and may possibly require surgery to remove them. No vet checks by breeder who self vaccinated and deworming of her animals ( I failed to question this prior to purchase). After informing breeder of these findings she continues to deny any wrong doings and insists that she dewormed all of her animals and they were free of worms.

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Pet Store Misrepresented Breed

Hello. I purchased a “doxie-poo” puppy from a pet store. After researching pet stores, I am disgusted at my mistake. I ran a DNA test on my puppy to determine if he was what they claimed. He is not. I’m wondering if I have any power here in getting some of that purchase refunded.

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Breeder is trying to take puppy back.

Contacted breeder about a puppy, he had one available. Go to breeder, meet dog and buy it (full payment) take possession of puppy and took home. The next day call from breeder said he made a mistake and that he already had a deposit for said puppy, and wanted it back. What are our rights to keep this puppy? Thank you very much for your time.

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Victim of Animal Scam

I sent someone money for a dog and they took it then blocked me. Is there a way I can get my money or the dog from them legally?

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Neutered French Bulldog

Hello. I recently purchased a French bulldog. When getting the dog I was told he was not fixed. I didn’t think to check because I took their word. The next day while at the vet they noticed he was in fact fixed. Do I have any legal grounds and if so what can I do?

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