Dogs given to new home

////Dogs given to new home


The lady, whom I hardly know, called me and told me that her neighbor is neglecting her two Chihuahuas, and now she is in the hospital. The Chihuahuas need a good home because they are alone with no food and water. She asked me to take care of them and keep them because the owner is in the hospital, and her health issues are not improving. I have my own dogs, so I couldn't keep them, but I will find a good family for them. I did find a good home for them. However, after a few days, she started texting and calling me to return them back.

What should I do? The dogs were given to me without any agreement or paperwork. Please let me know what I should do because she is telling me that she will go to court.


As the expression goes, “No good deed goes unpunished.” While people who give their animal away generally have no further rights to that animal, it does not sound as if the animal’s “parent” actually gave her dogs away. If a lawsuit is commenced, it may be argued that the person who gave you the dogs did so temporarily and that she had no legal authority to rehome them. The court may also consider evidence of neglect in making its decision. I hope that everyone involved can more amicably agree on a custody/visitation arrangement that is in the best interests of these dogs.

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