Adopting the dog I want.

////Adopting the dog I want.


I submitted an application for a puppy, but they informed me that the individual fostering the puppy believed it required extensive training and care, stating I lacked experience with dogs, which I believe is a lie and discriminatory. They offered me another dog that they claimed was already trained or any other puppy instead, saying they had the right to do so. I'm confused because they never even talked to me or met me in person. I would like to know if this is the right practice, as I feel they simply don't want me to have the puppy.


Shelters/rescues have discretion on the placement of their animals. Shelters/rescues want adoptions to succeed and often have policies to accomplish this. For example, many shelters/rescues will not adopt a very rambunctious dog to people with small children or an animal with special needs to a person who the shelter/rescue does not believe has the expertise to handle the animal.

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