Aggressive Neighbor Dog & Neglecting Owners

////Aggressive Neighbor Dog & Neglecting Owners


I have a neighbor who owns two dogs. One of which is his fiancé’s and the dog has been aggressive to me since they moved in over a year ago. He will run the fence line and bark and pounce on the fence. He will stick his jaw under the fence and bark, snarl, and go to bite. About three months ago I adopted two dogs. Their dogs are left outside all day everyday. I only let mine out w supervision. Yesterday the aggressive dog bit one of mine. This has gone on for too long and continues to escalate despite talking with the owners. What should I do?


I am reminded of Robert Frost’s poem, “Mending Wall,” which includes the phrase, “good fences make good neighbors.” I suggest securing the fence, including on the bottom, so that a dog cannot break the fence and/or stick his/her jaw under the fence. A person whose dog has been injured or killed by another dog may sue the dog’s “parent” to try to get compensated. Homeowners’ insurance policies may provide coverage so sometimes claims can be more amicably worked out. Animal control can also be contacted. A dangerous dog hearing may be held to determine whether a dog should be declared dangerous. If the court decides that a dog is dangerous, the court may require the “parent” of the dangerous dog to take certain precautions. Local laws differ so it is important to review the law in one’s locality. I hope your dog makes a speedy recovery

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