Animal control and custody.

////Animal control and custody.


Is there a way when I call animal control on someone I know is neglecting their animals, can I get the dog from animal control to give the dog a better life?


People who suspect that an animal is being neglected or abused can contact their local police, sheriff, state police, and Maine’s Animal Welfare Program. Contact information for the Animal Welfare Program which is listed on the website of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry is: Toll Free Phone Number: 1-877-269-9200, Phone Number: (207) 287-3846, Email: [email protected]. Local humane societies may also help.

It is not common for a person who makes an animal neglect/cruelty complaint to be given the mistreated animal, although it could happen, depending on the facts and circumstances. Sometimes a person who is charged with a violation of an animal cruelty/neglect law will voluntarily surrender the animal and the animal will be available for adoption. Other times, the animal may be held pending the outcome of the criminal case or a hearing. An animal may sometimes be forfeited if the animal’s “parent” fails to pay a court ordered security bond for the care of the seized animal.

Occasionally, the most expedient way of adopting an animal who one believes is being mistreated is to offer to adopt/purchase the animal from the animal’s “parent.” People who are not bonded with their animal may agree to sell the animal if the price is right for them, as unfair as this seems under certain circumstances. The transfer of ownership agreement should be in writing and signed by the parties. If the animal is microchipped, the microchip registration should be changed when ownership is transferred. It can also be helpful to get the animal’s medical history. I hope this all works out well for this dog!

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