Asking for neighbor to pay for cremation.

////Asking for neighbor to pay for cremation.


My dachshund was pulled from under the fence line and into the neighbor's yard, where she was mauled. The sheriff/Animal Control came and took the neighbor's dog, which was euthanized. Now, I would like them to pay for it all - the emotional toll this has taken on my family, the cost of getting her cremated, everything. I just don't know where to begin or how to go about demanding payment. I simply need a little guidance.


I am very sorry to hear about your dog. People whose animals are injured or killed by another animal may sue the attacking animal’s “parent” or caretaker to try to get monetary compensation, although, of course, no amount of money can ever replace the deceased animal. I cannot predict the outcome of any given case. In a 2005 Washington State case, the court awarded $45,480 to the plaintiff whose two year old cat died after being attacked in her yard by a neighbor’s dog. Courts, however, do not usually award this much money when a companion animal is injured or killed. Since homeowners’ insurance policies sometimes cover dog bites, making a claim with the attacking dog’s “parent” or caretaker may resolve the monetary dispute without the necessity of litigation.

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