Aunt refusing to hand over pet medical records

////Aunt refusing to hand over pet medical records


I have been able to get the vet records for three years of my cat's life, (he is four years old) but my aunt is refusing to give me last year's records. The issue is that he is not registered in my name and I need the most recent records to register him. He is currently registered in my deceased mother's name. If I were to take her to court, would I have a good chance of getting him back since he is registered to my mother, or would she take higher priority simply because she paid for that one vet visit?


People who believe their animal is being withheld wrongfully can sue to try to get the animal returned. However, it is not clear from your question whether the cat or just the cat’s records are being withheld. “Ownership” rights to the cat may depend on whether prior to her death, your mother gave her cat to your aunt (in which case your aunt would be the cat’s “owner” unless something transpired later on). If your mother did not give the cat away prior to her death, then her will, if she had one, may provide answers. Some people include provisions in their will providing for the disposition of their pets. If not, other will provisions may affect where your mother’s property goes. When there is no will, typically a child would have greater rights than one’s sister. Consult with an attorney in your state who can review the entire situation and advise you.

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