Breeder dispute.

////Breeder dispute.


I purchased a Yorkshire Terrier, believing it to be purebred. However, a groomer suggested a DNA test, which revealed she's a mix of three breeds. The breeder registered the puppies, and she's offered a $400 refund out of the $800 I paid. What should be my next step?


Next time, consider adopting, not shopping. There are so many wonderful dogs at shelters waiting for a loving home. I cannot say whether a court will rely on the DNA test results or what evidence the breeder has regarding the dog’s breed but people who believe that the breed of the dog they purchased was misrepresented can sue to try to get compensated, such as for the difference in monetary value between a purebred dog and a mixed breed dog. Complaints about fraud may be made to the state Attorney General. The Ohio Department of Agriculture licenses certain breeders so you may wish to contact that agency as well. I hope that this dog is loved regardless of what breed she is.

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