Breeder has not sent me AKC papers after over two years.

////Breeder has not sent me AKC papers after over two years.


I got my husky a little over two years ago. He was sold to me as a pure bred and I was told I would receive the papers after a few months. It has now been over two years and this woman has never answered me, nor returned any of my multiple emails. I am fed up. What should I do?


People who believe that a contract was breached can sue to enforce the contract (for example, attempt to get the papers) or for money, which may include the difference in monetary value between a dog with and without AKC papers. There are also local laws that specifically address this issue, but they are not that common. For example, in New York, the law provides, in part, that a purchaser is entitled to a 75% refund if a pet dealer represented that an animal is registered or capable of registration with an animal pedigree registry and failed to provide the documentation to the purchaser in a timely manner. I hope the dog has a happy life, whether or not the papers are forthcoming.

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