Breeder Will Not Send AKC Papers

////Breeder Will Not Send AKC Papers


I purchased a puppy from a breeder, it has been 3 months and I still don't have her papers. Can I sue the breeder for the difference of the cost of a papered puppy versus a non-papered puppy?


It is important to carefully read the sales agreement to better understand rights, including whether purebred papers will be provided and when. In terms of how the difference in value between a dog with and without purebred papers may be determined by courts and when the papers may be provided, New York law, for example, states, in part, that if the seller represents that the animal is registered or capable of being registered with a purebred registry, the papers for the registration must be provided to the purchaser within 120 from the sale date. If the papers are not delivered on time, the purchaser may keep the animal and receive a refund of 75% of the purchase price (and then the seller is no longer required to provide the purebred registration papers). Other courts without a similar law may not decide the same way but typically (but not always) a dog with papers has a greater market value than a dog without papers (although mix breeds --- muttigrees--- are just as lovable and many are waiting for a forever home). In the future, consider adopting, not shopping. Good luck with your new puppy!

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