Can a stranger spay or neuter your lost cat without consent?

////Can a stranger spay or neuter your lost cat without consent?


My mom is sick so I took on her fur baby until her health improved. My daughter left the door open when she left for school and the animals got out. My dogs are always out for walks so our neighbors know them but the cat is always inside. He was lost in the for weeks. I made a report with the police and today they said they found him. The person who found them requesting I paid for vet fees. I was confused because why did you bring him to the vet? My assumption was that he was hurting. She states “She feels he needed to be fixed”. One it’s not my animal it’s my moms, secondly if I find anything that’s lost I report it to the police and let them make the call. How does a person make that call without consent? That’s insane and my mom is so upset because she didn’t want him to go through the pain and to change in his behavior. What legal actions can be taken?


Quite honestly, a thank you to the person who took in and cared for your mother’s lost cat should be considered. Many people who lose their animals never get them back and many lost animals suffer and die, either from the elements, getting run over, being attacked by other animals, etc. It sounds as if the person who found the cat contacted the police. After a specified number of days, people often lose rights to their animals if they are not claimed. Spaying/neutering not only help to curtail the overpopulation of cats but can also provide health benefits. Speak with your veterinarian about the positive effects of neutering, which should not be a painful procedure and may result in a cat being less likely to wander. I hope the cat is doing well.

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