Can breeder take my dog back after I’ve been caring for it?

////Can breeder take my dog back after I’ve been caring for it?


My boyfriend and I were given a dog for free by the breeder who is MY BOYFRIENDS friend. The breeder, my boyfriend, and everybody else who knows us has said multiple times how well I take care of her and that I really seem like the primary caregiver. I am even the one she is registered to when receiving her pedigree. My boyfriend broke up with me while I was in the hospital two weeks ago. he said many times I should still have her. I have been taking care of her alone again ever since I got out. I am slowly getting better and she is still very well taken care of! Now the breeder has decided she wants to take the dog back. She reasons because of my health and because she intended the dog to be for my boyfriend, but I think she is just afraid if I am the sole caregiver we will lose touch and she will not be able to breed her. My dog is blind in one eye so that's another whole issue. My question is: does she have the right or should I fight this?


Generally when a person (breeder or anyone else) gives his/her animal away, such person has no further rights to that animal, unless there is an agreement stating otherwise. If a person believes that his/her animal is being wrongfully withheld, such person can sue to try to get the animal returned (although as noted above, once an animal is given away it can be difficult to get a court to order the animal to be returned).

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