Can I file a lawsuit against my groomer?

////Can I file a lawsuit against my groomer?


My pet was groomed as a first time customer on Tuesday June 14th and as soon as I picked her up from the groomers she required medical attention for her eyes because the person that was in charge of washing got soap in her eyes. Her eyes were bloodshot red, irritated, swollen and basically shut. That following day she refused to eat and woke up in the middle of the night having explosive diarrhea. She continued to have diarrhea for the next several days. She was hospitalized on June 17th because she’s not doing well. My question can we take legal action? We believe she got sick from the groomers and they have not returned our calls regarding the incident.


I hope that your dog is doing much better. Aggrieved pet “parents” can sue groomers for harm caused to their animals and can also file complaints with consumer protection organizations and better business bureaus. Some municipalities, such as New York City, require groomers to have permits and adhere to standards. In these municipalities, complaints may also be made to the regulatory agency. If there is evidence that the injury or death was caused by an intentional act, law enforcement authorities should be contacted as well. While there is a New York State law banning the use of cage dryers containing a heating element (several animals have died at grooming facilities when left in cages with the heat on), there are no statewide standards or licensing requirements for groomers in New York. There is legislation pending before the New York State Legislature to require the registration and regulation of groomers, but the bills have not passed yet.

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