Can I keep my roommate’s cat if she hasn’t been able to care for him?

////Can I keep my roommate’s cat if she hasn’t been able to care for him?


My roommate was hospitalized and is being forced to move out of our apartment. She has been home maybe one night out of most of a month. She wants to take her three cats with her, but I have been taking care of them. My almost 17month old son has grown attached to one of the three in particular. Can I keep this one cat, or do I have to let her take him?


I hope that you and your roommate can work out an amicable custody/visitation agreement that is in the best interests of the cats. Ownership of animals is not typically transferred simply because a roommate took care of his/her roommate’s animals when the roommate was hospitalized. If litigated, the court will consider the evidence and determine rights. It is likely that your 17 month old son can become attached to another cat. There are so many cats in shelters and rescues waiting to be adopted into a loving home. Consider that sometimes cats are bonded to each other so separating them may not be humane.

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