Can I take a ferret to the vet?

////Can I take a ferret to the vet?


I am watching my friend's ferret. Right from the start, the 6-month-old ferret was very lethargic. I did my research and I found out that I should take the ferret to the vet ASAP, but her ferret has never been to the vet before. I'm worried that the ferret might not make it.


When boarding animals, pet "parents" should provide an emergency contact, the animal's medical history, and veterinarian's name, phone number and address. Regardless of whether this is done, sick animals, just like sick people, need medical treatment. Caregivers are responsible for the humane treatment of animals in their custody (and may have a claim for reimbursement from the animal's "parent" for veterinary expenses incurred). I hope this ferret gets the care he needs.

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