Can I take an animal out of a neglect situation?

////Can I take an animal out of a neglect situation?


My friend was asked to take care of three cats over a weekend. It was said that all he had to do was feed them. When he arrived the place smelled of amonium so bad it made his mouth burn. The concrete was stained with poop and vomit. It’s clear that they’ve been here without proper amenities or their actual owner for months. So, is it okay for him to try and take the animals out of that situation? What can we do to help these cats?


People who believe animals are being neglected or otherwise mistreated can contact the police, sheriff, animal control, and local humane societies and SPCAs (societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals). Cruelty to animals, including neglect, is against the law. Also, sometimes people who are not bonded with their animals are willing to give them away or sell them. Occasionally, this is the most expedient way to get animals out of a bad situation, particularly when law enforcement officers do not take necessary action.

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