Can I take the dog.

////Can I take the dog.


I need advice regarding a Welsh Terrier owned by a friend. I've witnessed the dog being mistreated and it's heart-wrenching. The owner reacts harshly when the dog doesn't obey, often yelling and grabbing the dog. I've even seen the dog pulled forcefully. When I'm around, the dog prefers to be with me. It's clear the dog doesn't want to be near the owner when forced to do things. Although the owner handles basic care, such as feeding and vet visits, it's concerning to witness this mistreatment. I'm worried but unsure how to proceed. Please provide guidance.


I am so sorry to hear about this situation. People who suspect an animal is being mistreated can contact the SPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to animals), the police, and other entities in their area that enforce animal cruelty laws. Law enforcement officers, however, are constrained by the language of the cruelty laws so not every unkind act will result in an arrest or seizure of an animal. Some humane officers will provide information on humane care. Offering to purchase an animal is sometimes the most expedient way of getting an animal out of a bad situation. Providing an animal’s “parent” with contact information for humane trainers may also help.

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