Can my sister legally give my dogs away or let them loose without my permission?

////Can my sister legally give my dogs away or let them loose without my permission?


I live with my sister and her and I had got into an altercation. She advised that she will no longer care for small senior dogs while Im at work. She said if I don't take them with me when I leave that she will take them to the pound or let them loose. I've decided to move back home to California in 30 days but in the meantime I cannot take my dogs with me to work nor can I take them everywhere i go because of the weather temps here so I quit my job. She doesn't want them on her property unless im here. I believe its an act of control and revenge. Can she legally give my dogs away or let them loose without my permission?


Theft of animals and animal abandonment are against the law. Waiting to see if this occurs and then trying to press charges and/or commencing a civil lawsuit won’t help the animals. People who believe that their animals are at risk of being harmed should take steps to prevent this from happening, such as moving out immediately with their animals and/or boarding animals where they will be safe.

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