Can they enforce a leash law on 15 acres?

////Can they enforce a leash law on 15 acres?


My neighbor of 25 years is calling animal control on me because my dogs, she indicates, trespass to her property. The issue is we live on 15 acres and where she is referring to is woods in which there isn’t a fence line, but a shared woods property line. She places trail cameras out and then calls animal control when my dogs go to the woods to chase deer. The county I live in has a leash law. So what recourse do I have? This is a farm, not a subdivision.


As stated in Robert Frost’s poem, “Mending Walls”: “Good fences make good neighbors.” It is important to read the leash law in the municipality in question. Leash laws are generally applicable to dogs on public property. Consider fencing a portion of your acreage for the dogs. That way the dogs are likely to be safe and so will the deer!

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