Cat being held at a shelter after someone else surrendered it.

////Cat being held at a shelter after someone else surrendered it.


My cat disappeared and then showed up at a shelter, Talking with the shelter someone 'owner surrendered' it. He was microchipped and registered to me, I have vet records for him but they are sending him to another rescue and won't provide the rescues name. How can I get my cat back?


People who believe that their animal is being wrongfully withheld can contact the police and can sue (replevin action) to try to get the animal returned. Time is of the essence since after an animal is re-homed, it becomes very difficult to get the animal returned. According to a recently enacted law in Texas which took effect in September 2021, “As soon as practicable after an animal is placed in the custody of an animal shelter or a releasing agency …, including an animal rescue organization, the shelter, agency, or organization shall scan the animal to determine whether a microchip is implanted in the animal.” If the cat is returned to you, please take special care so that the cat does not go missing again!

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