Cat sitter refuses to give cat back

////Cat sitter refuses to give cat back


I had to move out of my apartment and stay with my cousin for 6 months. A friend of mine offered to watch my cat until I was back in my own home. I left my friend with money for the cat's care as well as food, litter, etc. and went to visit her as much as I could. I have returned to my own home and have been asking that he either drop my cat off or let me know when I can come pick her up. At first he kept telling me that he was not going to give her back. Now, he has not responded to any of my attempts to contact him. What can I do to force him to return my Cat to me ?


People who believe their animal is being wrongfully withheld can contact the police and can commence a civil lawsuit (replevin action) for the return of the animal. People should keep proof of “ownership” on hand, such as veterinary records, microchip and other registrations, pet adoption and sales agreements, etc. While such documents do not necessarily prove “ownership” since the court and police will/should consider what transpired after adoption, vet visits, etc., they can be helpful. Even among friends and family members, it is often beneficial to have a written boarding agreement. When custody disputes arise, the parties may have different versions/recollections of the verbal agreement. I hope this all works out for the cat.

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