Cited for too many animals but my sister won’t get rid of them.

////Cited for too many animals but my sister won’t get rid of them.


I live with my sister and her husband, the house is mine and my mom's. We got cited by the city for having too many animals. They told us we had to get rid of the ones over the 2 animal/pet limit or we will get fined. Since I am one of the owners of the house, I will end up getting the ticket in my name. I can't evict them because my mom won't go along with it, even tho we are technically breaking the law because of them. The dogs they have have destroyed a lot of pieces of our personal belongings, but they refuse to compensate us. We've asked them to get rid of the extra animals months ago. How can I legally remove the extra animals myself? (Since they refuse to)


If any of the animals are emotional support or service animals, it is possible the pet limit laws would not be applicable to them. I suggest you consult with an attorney in your state to discuss possible next steps (which may include getting a letter from a health care professional). Removing another person’s animal without the owner’s permission may constitute theft, depending on the circumstances. People who believe they are owned money for damaged personal belongings can sue. I hope that the animals are treated humanely and that you all ensure that they have a safe and happy future.

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