What are my custody rights for a rescue dog?

////What are my custody rights for a rescue dog?


Hello, a rescue org came to my house and took back a dog I adopted because they found out I was trying to find a home for him (because he had anxiety and my other dog was making it worse). They came last night with a police officer so I thought I had no choice but to give him to her. But, is the dog legally mine still? They dramatically pulled him out of the house in front of my children and we are all very upset. I still have the paperwork. I want him back now as we were only going to rehome him if we found the right family. Do I have any legal recourse?


I suggest you read your adoption agreement. Adoption agreements sometimes contain provisions requiring adopters to return animals they no longer wish to keep to the shelter or rescue. In this way, the shelter or rescue can screen new potential adopters using their own standards (which may be higher than standards used by an adopter looking to re-home the animal). People who believe their animals are being wrongfully withheld can sue (replevin action) to try to get the animals returned.

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