Custody Time Frame to Keep A Dog

////Custody Time Frame to Keep A Dog


I have been taking care of my daughter's young basset hound puppy since October 21, 2021, he is now about 10 months old. She has been in hospitals for depression, and just recently got out of jail and is on a one year probation, and now says she wants him back because he is her therapy dog. He's never been trained or certified as a therapy dog, and in her past, she has had pets that she's rescued, then dropped off at shelters because she's unable to care for them. She is not a responsible pet owner, What legal recourse and laws do I have in order for me to keep the dog.


I hope that you and your daughter can amicably work out a custody/visitation arrangement that is in the best interests of this dog. Individuals who agree to watch another person’s animal don’t generally gain legal rights to that animal simply because they decide they are a better “parent” for the animal. Therapy dogs, unlike service dogs, are not required to be specially trained.

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