Did I have the right to refuse to give my daughter the cat?

////Did I have the right to refuse to give my daughter the cat?


I have had my daughter's cat for almost two years. She got mad at me and tried to take her cat from my house, when she knows she can't have it where she lives. I stopped her from leaving, and was assaulted by her and her boyfriend while they were trying to grab the cat carrier with the cat in it. Did I have the right to refuse her the cat?


Interesting that you still referred to the cat as your daughter’s cat. If a lawsuit is commenced for the return of the animal, the court could decide that a person who left an animal for years in someone else’s care either abandoned or gifted the animal. Alternatively, a court could decide that a parent agreed to watch a daughter’s cat indefinitely with no conditions attached. Some courts have considered the interests of the animal. I hope that your family can amicably resolve this situation so that the cat gets the best care possible. Sometimes family counseling can help. Good luck.

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