Do I have rights to my dog?

////Do I have rights to my dog?


My dog had puppies last year, and I gave two of them away. I just found out this week through an ad that one of the puppies I gave away was placed in a shelter sometime last October for being “too hyper”. I have a contract with the woman I gave the dog to stating she is to return the dog to me if she were to ever decide she doesn’t want him anymore. The shelter is trying to say I have to pay the $400 adoption fee, even though my contract shows he was supposed to be given back to me, not a shelter. He’s been there for months.


Your agreement was with the adopter/purchaser, not the shelter. According to your inquiry, the shelter has been caring for the dog for months and that costs money. People who rehomed their animal and believe the adopter/purchaser breached the adoption/purchase contract by surrendering the animal to a shelter may have a claim against the adopter/purchaser to try to get reimbursed for the shelter's adoption or impound fee. Time is of the essence to attempt to adopt the animal and pay the adoption fee. The shelter may choose to not hold the animal for you. Also, consider having your animals spayed/neutered. There is an overpopulation of dogs and other species. Breeding contributes to the overpopulation. There are so many wonderful animals at shelters waiting to be adopted.

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