I know of 2 dogs being neglected. What do I do?

////I know of 2 dogs being neglected. What do I do?


I know of two dogs that are being neglected. Yes, they get fed and get water, but they don’t get baths nor do they get taken outside and are locked up in the same room 24/7 is there anyway I can get the dogs out of the original owners care and into my care?


People who suspect that an animal is being mistreated can contact the police, animal control, SPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) and other entities in their area with authority to enforce animal cruelty laws. It will be up to the enforcement officers based on the evidence provided to them and what they uncover on their own to decide whether or not there is a violation of the animal cruelty law. However, even if law enforcement officers determine that there is a violation of the law, that doesn’t mean the complainant will get the animal. Sometimes the most expedient way to get an animal out of a bad situation is to offer to adopt or purchase the animal, particularly when law enforcement officers do not take action. I hope this all works out well for these dogs.

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