Dog Re-homed Without Consent

////Dog Re-homed Without Consent


My Grandmother raised me and when I was in second grade she got me a puppy. Flash forward to my sophomore year of college and my Grandma moved into a housing complex that didn't allow pets. I took in my dog and had multiple pet sitters, I made him food everyday to be soft on his teeth, and even got medical paperwork so that he didn't have to be alone other than when I worked. I had two days of long shifts and asked my Grandma to watch the dog for the day, and she re-homed him. The new owner got in a car accident and returned him. My Grandma didn't tell me this and dog began living with my Aunt. When I asked for him back my Aunt was beside herself, so I told her she could keep him only if she gave him back if need be. She was attacked in her home and needed to move so I was going to take the dog back, but had to submit my paperwork to my landlord. These three days were along the weekend so I couldn't get an instant approval, and they re-homed him AGAIN. My Grandma told me he lives with a vet tech so I have been searching for him for a year and finally found him. The dogs new owner is threatening to sue me. What can I do?


People who believe that their animal is being wrongfully withheld can sue (replevin action) to try to get the animal returned. These cases can get complicated. I hope the dog is doing well and you all consider what is best for this elderly dog.

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