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We rehomed my daughter's dog yesterday, and now I want her back. My daughter works full time and is taking flying lessons, so she felt she did not have time to care for her dog. The couple that took her both work outside the home and will leave her home alone and put her in doggie day care. They also do not have good access to their yard from their house. We made a mistake and want her back. Can we ask for her back? We did not charge a fee and just gave them the dog.


When people "share" an animal, ideally they would agree on custody/visitation. When this does not happen and one person sues, the court will consider the evidence and determine rights. I cannot predict how a court will decide any given pet custody case. Courts have considered such things as who adopted/purchased the animal, who has been the animal’s primary caretaker, who has paid for the animal’s needs, such as food and veterinary care, under whose name an animal is registered (e.g., microchip, license, and veterinary records), and whether there is evidence that the animal was gifted, sold, abandoned, or mistreated. Some courts have also considered the well-being of the animal. I hope that you and your ex can more amicably agree on a custody/visitation arrangement that is in the best interests of the dog.

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