Dog Within Family.

////Dog Within Family.


Hi, my brother is in a nursing home and will not be coming home. I have his dog and would like to know how much authority I have in the dog's life. I do tell people he is my brother's dog, and I have custody. What exactly does that mean? Do I have to ask my brother about everything I do with the dog? I have paid the vet bills for 8 years since he had the dog. I love him and want the best for him. My brother trusts me. I'm just concerned about whether I have to go over everything with my brother. Thank you


People who give away their animal generally have no further rights to that animal. Ideally when ownership of an animal is transferred, there would be a written transfer of ownership agreement signed by the parties. Microchip registration should be changed at the same time and other ownership documents should also be exchanged. This can help to avoid future disputes. It is unclear whether a conservator and/or guardian has been appointed for your brother or whether you have power of attorney in which case it may be possible to make decisions regarding the dog’s care without the consent of your brother. In any event, an animal’s caregiver is responsible for providing necessary and humane care. I hope you and your brother can amicably agree on what is best for the dog. If not, consult with an attorney in your area for more specific information on how to proceed. Good luck! Sounds like the dog is lucky to have you in his life.

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