Dogs got out during storm and pound won’t let me get them.

////Dogs got out during storm and pound won’t let me get them.


I had two dogs. An American bully and English bulldog. A storm occurred and the my dogs got free and were picked up by the city. I went to reclaim my dogs two hours after they were picked up and the shelter told me I had 2 options. Pay $250 to get a breeders license or pay $150 dollars and get them out with a chip and spayed/neutered. Since I didn't agree with this and told them I was seeking legal action they told if so they could no longer have contact with me, and within 3-5 business days my dogs would be available for adoption regardless of how I felt because they picked up the dogs and if I didn't pick one of the two options they would belong to the city. What can I do?


Impound fees are common and vary depending on the municipality. It is generally safer to pay the fee and sue for the overpayment later. Otherwise, regardless of who is right or wrong on the law, the animals may be gone.

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