Rescue group is denying foster parents adoption.

////Rescue group is denying foster parents adoption.


I am so desperate for your help. We currently foster with a rescue group in Chicago. According to their guidelines we have met their adoption requirements, but are being denied adoption. No one will answer us directly, other volunteers keep telling us that were denied internally on emails and calls. We were offered adoption, agreed, and now being told we cannot. Please help us. Our family is devastated.


The rights and responsibilities of pet foster care “parents” are generally contained in a written foster care agreement. Since the mission of rescues is to place animals in forever humane homes, I suggest you continue to try to explain to the rescue how much you love this dog. If that does not work, I suggest you contact an attorney in your area who can review your contract and may be able to help enforce your rights (if they have been violated). It is important to act quickly since once an animal is re-homed, these matters get much more complicated. Good luck.

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