“Foster” (Relinquisher) refuses to give cat to approved adopter.

////“Foster” (Relinquisher) refuses to give cat to approved adopter.


I’m the president of an animal rescue organization in Oceanside. We have a shortage of Foster’s so we have a program called bring your own foster. Which is basically keep your animal in your home, and we will adopt it out. We have a great adopter for a cat that we brought into organization this way. Contract signed, fees paid, adopters excited… Relinquisher changed her mind. Help.


Since there are so many cats needing a home, perhaps consider finding another cat for the prospective adopters. Wouldn’t it be great if the rescue could adopt out another cat who needs a home and also work with the “relinquisher” to try to fix whatever issue caused him/her to want to surrender the cat. While I cannot predict the outcome of any given case, a breach of contract lawsuit will take time and money and probably will not result in the rescue getting the cat anytime soon or at all.

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