Fostering a dog for unethical rescue.

////Fostering a dog for unethical rescue.


I found a dog, rescued it and agreed to foster it through them. I took it to their vet who checked health and microchipped I found a home for it and the “board” has determined its not their choice for a home for unreasonable reason. None of these so called board members have even met the dog. I rescued it, paid grooming, advertised on social media. I shuttled dog to their vet, paid for food for 3 weeks. They are refusing to let dog be adopted due to their power and control issues. When I took it to their vet they had it microchipped with out me knowing. If they won’t approve adoption due to a fence not being high enough, but already approved me as a foster can I just say I’ve decided to adopt it?


Rights of foster “parents” and animal rescue organizations are usually contained in a foster agreement. Unlike adopting, fostering implies a temporary arrangement. Rescues generally retain ownership of the fostered animal and usually have the right to approve/disapprove of potential adopters, even those found by the foster “parent.” Rights of the foster “parent” and rescue are not as clear when there is no written foster agreement. However, getting the rescue involved, which was a choice made, further implies that the rescue had at least some rights, particularly if the rescue paid for veterinary bills. People/rescues that believe an animal is being wrongfully withheld can sue to try to get the animal returned and/or for money and can contact the police, although the police do not usually intervene in pet custody disputes. I hope that everyone involved can more amicably resolve this dispute in the best interests of this dog.

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