Help give my dog his life back.

////Help give my dog his life back.


The City of Gurdon dog shelter has had my senior dog for months and won't give him back due to heart worms we had no idea about, but we take him to the vet when needed every time. The dog catcher of my town has had it out for my family and animals for years and would take our dogs and put them up for adoption knowing they are ours and have collars on. Now he has my family's dog of 15 years and says we have to pay about 600 dollars to get him back but we can't afford that and he's stuck in a small shelter scared! We're all he knows and loves and he doesn't have much time left but we can't figure out a way to get him bak home 🙁 please help me and my family we love "Toby" so so much.


I suggest that you try to borrow the money or quickly try to find a pro bono attorney (who will handle a case for free). Even if one can prove that an animal is being wrongfully withheld, the attorney's fees and court costs could easily exceed $600. Also, these cases could take time.

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