How can I get dog back after changing mind bout re-homing?

////How can I get dog back after changing mind bout re-homing?


I recently re-homed my dog, on social media they looked like a good family. In person they were really nice and dog friendly people. Upon further digging I found the family who took her follow and participate in illegal breeding and dog fighting. Upon finding all this I messaged the people telling them I made a mistake and would actually like her back. I got blocked. But I’m wondering is there a way to go about getting the dog back? If I get the cops involved can they do anything to help?


People who rehome their animal generally have no further rights to that animal and the person with whom the animal was rehomed generally has no legal obligation to return the animal, although sometimes they will voluntarily do so (occasionally for a fee). The police do not usually intervene in pet custody disputes. However, people who suspect that an animal is being used in animal fighting or otherwise being cruelly treated (which is illegal in every state) should contact the police, SPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to animals), animal control, and other local entities that enforce animal cruelty laws.

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