How can I help my neighbor’s neglected dog?

////How can I help my neighbor’s neglected dog?


My neighbor built a nice enclosure in her back yard and stuck a lab in there for four years. He barked until he lost his will. I noticed he was malnourished and did not have fresh water or clean space. I turned her into AC who did check on the dog until he put some weight on. Then it happened again with the same intervention and outcome. She will not relinquish the dog. Sometimes she yanks him out and literally throws him into a kennel and closes the garage door. How can I help him?!?!


Try also contacting your local SPCA and humane society and ask that they investigate. Photos can sometimes help to show abuse and neglect. Animal cruelty laws state that animals must be provided with necessary food, water, care and shelter. People who violate these laws may be arrested and the animals may be seized and forfeited (depending on the circumstances). While these laws provide a certain level of protection, they do not generally set specific standards of care so much is left to the discretion of the officers to determine whether a violation has occurred. When the law enforcement route does not work, it is worth noting that sometimes people will eventually agree to sell their animals if the price is right.

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