How can we get our cat back from the adoption agency?

////How can we get our cat back from the adoption agency?


We adopted a cat on Sep 2016. We also signed a contract that said we would fulfill his medical needs, and if for any reason we were not able to, they would help us take care of it. The manager of the adoption center had offered to take him to the vet since he was overdue. She finally came the other day and told us she would take him to his appointments. Two days passed by and she never returned him and she did not reply to our texts or emails. In fact she blocked us. We found pictures of him at an adoption event, and later on facebook for adoption. We were all very devastated and miss him so much. Our only option was to call the police. All the police said was that we breached the contract and there is nothing he can do. BUT, she also breached it by not helping us out when we asked. On top of this, she lied to our faces and betrayed us. Told us he would be back the next day, but we had to find out through the cops that she took him forever. What can we do? We need our cat back and we miss him very very much. Please help us.


People who believe their animal is being wrongfully withheld can sue (replevin action) to try to get the animal returned. Courts will consider the evidence presented (such as, but not limited to, adoption agreements, veterinary records, microchip and other registration documents) to determine rights. I suggest that you carefully review your adoption agreement. Typically, these agreements do not provide that the shelter or rescue will pay for veterinary expenses a year or years after adoption (except in extenuating circumstances, such as when the animal is adopted with a known illness/injury that may require prolonged treatment). I hope the cat is doing well.

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