Humane Society took my dog when I was not home.

////Humane Society took my dog when I was not home.


My kids were at my house alone and the Humane Society came there because someone called about my dogs being outside. They have doghouses, food and water, and weren’t out there for along time. When I called to redeem my dogs they told me because no one answered the door I wasn’t allowed to take them back home with me.


The right of an animal’s “parent” to retrieve his/her animal from a shelter depends on the reason why the animal was seized or ended up at the shelter. Payment of impound fees are generally required. Laws in certain areas also require spaying/neutering, purchase of license, etc. However, when animals are seized due to neglect or abuse, they are often held pending the criminal proceeding. There are laws in some states allowing for pre-trial hearings to determine if the animals should be forfeited before the outcome of the criminal proceeding. There are also laws in some states requiring the seized animal’s “parent” to pay a security bond to cover the shelter’s expenses in caring for the seized animal pending the outcome of the case. A bill to do this is pending in KY. Dogs alleged to be dangerous are also sometimes held pending a dangerous dog hearing. The failure to answer a door is not a reason for animal control to refuse to return an animal. There is more to this. I suggest you consult with an attorney in your locality who can review all of the facts and possibly intervene on your behalf. I hope that these dogs get the care they need.

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