Humane Society wants me to pay a fee.

////Humane Society wants me to pay a fee.


My cat was brought to The Humane Society (he escaped in the morning and someone brought him in) and they are now trying to charge me $80 to get him back. They dewormed him, and gave him flee treatment (that’s why they want to charge me), but they did not have my permission to do so, and I can’t afford to buy him back. Is there anything I can do?


Paying impoundment fees is generally the most expedient course of action a pet parent can take to ensure an animal won’t be re-homed or euthanized. Pet parents who believe they were overcharged or unjustly charged can try to recoup the money later, either through negotiations or a lawsuit. Consider that the shelter would not have taken the action it did (de-worming and flea treatment) if your cat didn’t need it. You are lucky the shelter got the cat. So often, lost cats are never found.

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